Friday, 15 May 2015

Joss Whedon Is Too Busy Being A Legend To Be On Twitter

Joss Whedon is one of those guys that when you see he's involved in a TV show or a movie you say, "I might just give this a chance" unless it's Dollhouse which was utter shite.

To remind you of the good shit he has done he wrote the screenplay for Toystory and Atlantis the lost empire, was Titan A.E. any good? He wrote the Buffy movie ... bleh and created the brilliant Buffy TV show, and amazing Firefly TV show and movie and the very cool Angel TV show. He wrote The cabin in the woods which to my mind is classic Whedon fun, you can see his fingerprints all over it.

He wrote Dr Horrible sing along blog and wrote The Avengers screenplay and created Marvel Agents of Shield with his brother and sister in-law. He is one of those guys who gives work to the cool actors he's worked with previously. Shane Black is someone he has worked with and another one of those genius storytelling types.

While Old Knudsen is not queer he'd totally suck Whedon's juicy fat cock and gobble his man gravy like it was from KFC. Me useless man nipples are up and cutting my shirt like razors just thinking about it.

So there is this whole Black Widow gate thing in which Disney has been branded as sexist because there are loads of Marvel movies out and coming out (you hear that DC?) but no gurl hero movies ... oh sorry, that should be herowine herowin heroin not hero, I don't want to upset the little ladies, they might miss a stitch.
     No one tells me when I've had too much, not you or Black fucking slutty Widow.

Jeremy Renner who plays the Angry Archer in the Avengers did some Black Widow slut shaming because her character flirts. He issued an apology and then did the same thing on another show even though it upset people but he doesn't get it cos she's fictional, it's all silly to him.

No one has called for his character to get his own movie by the way.

Even Malala has called the Black Widow movie an important feminist issue to get behind, as long as they cover Black Widow's shameful female body head to toe and have her character chaperoned .  

The Rev Al Sharpton supports a movie too but the name should be changed to Fine Ass Cracker Ho of Color.

Whedon has done a Stephen Fry and quit Twitter in a huff ....  no not really the bloke is very Busy (unlike Fry) and tweeting is too much stupid and work to put up with.

In the Age of Ultron Black Widow says that she was sterilized so she wouldn't waste precious Soviet rubles on maternity leave and what if she never came back? To show they aren't sexist Disney is to appease the fans by giving her a prince to marry and advise fans to let it go and shouldn't little gurls be buying Frozen merchandise? 

Scarlett Johansson has been told to drop 10 LBS for the screen wedding which is to happen after the Captain America and Iron man movie called Captain America: Civil partnership in which Disney show they are also not homophobic.

Will the public swallow it?

So Whedon is booked up making movies until his tragic death at the young age of 67, can you blame him for giving up Twitter? Does Old Knudsen get paid for blogging? Pay me and I'll stop you tight fisted scrooges.

Smith is the bald one beside Harley Quinn. 

In other news DC have released like one photo of the eagerly anticipated Suicide Squad staring Will Smith, fans asked delving questions like 'Why do I only recognize Harley Quinn?' and 'Why does Harley Quinn look like Baby Spice?' and my favourite, 'Will, why are you not going to be in the Independence day sequel?'   

Smith was busy getting his aura cleansed in some secret Scientology ritual to comment.   


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