Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's Super Natural

Supernatural is a US TV show that has been going for 10 years now. It started with Dean and Sam Winchester as two brothers who hunt supernatural beings who are mostly evil. Ghosts that remain on earth go crazy and demons who work for Lucifer possess the bodies of people ... as do angels by the way and many of them are total douche bags.

It was a show designed to make the fangurls sigh as Dean (on the left) looks after his younger but 3 foot taller brother Sam. (on the right) They were joined by Castiel an angel, (middle) a lot of bromance with viewers just wanting Sam and Dean to quit with the in tense glances and make out .... but they're brothers!

 Sarah Shahi as seen in Alias, the L word and Life.

I remember watching the very first episode 'The woman in white' when I lived in Callyfornia. The story wasn't great but the chick who was a honey trap ghost standing by the road for unsuspecting horny blokes to give a lift to was kinda hot. All shadow and low cut flimsy dress, aye Old Knudsen would totally drive her home .... he'd drive her home all the way.

I'm talking about sex of course, the slapper can get a fucking bus home, what am I a taxi?  

As Supernatural progressed the guys got older and became 30 somethings which is difficult for a show set up to woo the teen gurls. The show is still popular and will continue as long as the fans and the CW channel want it.

    I love you Dean and I'll kiss all your boo boos goodbye .... I love you too Sammy, and Castiel also but I won't let him spoil what we have together, we should all go out sometime. 

The success of the show is that it makes fun of itself. Dean who likes dodgy 80's rock music turned into a teen in one episode or turned all 'One direction' as he put it and developed an embarrassing love for Taylor Swift music. Their world also turned into the real world and they found themselves as actors on a TV show called Supernatural .... shot in Canada to their disgust. 

Sammy I love you but can you stop walking around in just a towel after your shower, it's driving me crazy .... are you saying I'm fat?

Other favourite eps was a Groundhog day like one and when Dean got abducted by aliens: "I went... crazy. I started hacking and slashing and slashing and firing. They - they actually seemed surprised. I-I-I don't think anybody's ever done that before. Yeah. I had a close encounter, Sam. And I won."

To spoil it for you they turned out to be fairies, one Tinkerbell lookalike with nipples got exploded by Dean in a microwave.

Old Knudsen can relate to Dean more than Sam except Dean is way too pretty to be a bloke, it just ain't right. So then, to get to the point I want to make .... or at least to just talk about. 

Dean spent time in purgatory, which is a Canadian forest with a a color saturation filter on, defending himself from demons and vamps who were also trapped there. It was all out kill or be killed using what ever weapons you could fashion from nature. 

It turns out that purgatory is Dean's happy place, no fate of the world just killing without consequence. That right there endeared me to Dean even more. They aren't people anymore they are monsters so what is so bad about that? 

The problem is the real world when we turn people into monsters in order to justify killing them. Many help that along by their actions such as killing 300 Yazidi captives while other get treated as monsters for the actions of a few bad ones.

There is an expression that says measure twice cut once which means to put some thought into it and check it before you act. There are monsters out there, human ones but there is also consequence. We need equality in this world but when that seems too difficult for the lawmakers or the average bigot on the street then we need basic fairness and what's right. 

Old Knudsen holds back his Dean Winchester purgatory urges so others need to as well, that includes lesser urges such as hate speech and bigotry not just hacking some journalist's head off. Hold these people accountable and call them on it, yer voice will ripple across the world and slowly turn into a wave of justice.   

"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito." ~ Betty Reese     

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