Thursday, 28 May 2015

Free Presbyterian Minister In Denial

Reverend Ian Brown from Paisley's old church, Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church in Belfast has said that Europe is being punished for being wicked with homosexuality and the rise of ISIS.
The crazy as fuck firebrand Free Presbyterian minister said that God .... the Christian god, is using homosexuality and Islamic terrorism to punish us for our greed, covetousness and wickedness. He even said that the rise of Hitler was all God too.

Usually God would send locusts or frogs but because of climate change he is now sending ... exploding bum bandits????? Beheading bean flickers?????

The gheys and Daesh/ISIS in a holy alliance, doing God's bidding. 

He said in his sermon: 

"That's why the dark spectre of ISIS is closing in on us today from the east and homosexuality closing in from the west."

If I were him I'd do a quick dodge north or south ... no not south, they have ghey marriage there. He blamed the liberal elite (Matt Damon and Oprah probably) for using the "sodomites" for their own agendas and even blamed Barack Obama for being "complicit" in this attack on decency. That doesn't surprise me, that Obama fella is like that.

"They want to infect us with their huge throbbing cocks, giving us just a taste and then making us beg for more, they'll spit in our faces and call us a bad and nasty boy and will use God's wraith shoved in deep until we cry out Jehovah in pain then they'll pull out and explode all over my back with the warm poison of sin but that won't be the end for they'll pass me around like a broken toy as they call out ungodly names like Allah, Allen and Jeff leaving me, er you lying in a pool of wickedness marveling at God's might."    

Someone needs to go back to Sunday school ... and maybe therapy cos didn't they create Satan to blame all the bad shit on?
If God is really responsible for ISIS and even Hitler then I think God really does need a time out. As for homosexuality, no one is making you swallow the gravy and lick the shaft, useless Bill Cosby gave you a drink then who knows what he'll have you do. Daesh will cut yer fucking head off the gheys are not likely to ask you to marry them.

Do idiots like this think ghey marriage is compulsory? ... that would explain all the irrational fear.

I'd love to know what he thinks about the Holocaust but I suspect I already know. Is he drinking from Ian Paisley's Holy Grail of crazy? Well the name says it all, 'Free Presbyterian' free from any sense, logic, empathy and intelligence.    


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