Thursday, 14 May 2015

Do We Really Need Human Rights?

 Keep those nurses and Scots away from me .... ugh!

So the UK had a general election, of course David Cameron was going to win it was just a case of how. Seriously folks did you think that Ed Miliband was Prime Minister material? Some people you can just look at and you know that even if they are nice people who wear all their emotions on their faces in unguarded moments they are just out of their league.

So after Dave had his celebratory booze up what is he getting stuck into first? The start of the £8bn for the NHS? Membership to the EU referendum? 500 more schools? 200,000 new homes? Getting rid of tax for low income people? the increased childcare allowence? Going after all those big companies who avoid paying taxes? The £100bn on infrastructure? It's marching season and those potholes need filled, you don't want wee Jamie Bryson falling doon a pothole and dying like King Billy did .... or do you?

I'll tell you what Dave is doing first.

'David Cameron To Scrap Human Rights'

Sounds drastic right? Surely you just can't scrap human rights, what is this Nazi Germany? They want rid of the pesky EU version of human rights as they are too soft and want a British, kick up the backside we don't do emotions version. What a nice start, you voted for us so now bam! Fuck you morons.
You know who wouldn't take away YOUR human rights? Ed Miliband, that's who. He was a guppy in a pool full of sharks and the Tory voters poured some chum in.

Here is how they are selling it. 'Those evil criminals in prison can vote and can artificially inseminate their partners because the EU loves pedophiles!'  Why are they worried about them voting? They probably all voted Tory as prisons in the UK are more like halfway houses unlike in Florida where they are like the Thunderdome, you think our criminals voted for change? ... they love things the way they are.   

The Tory revision of human rights seems innocent enough but what they want to do is not make them human rights but to make them human terms and conditions may apply rights

Their version gets rid of your freedoms, it's not a case of 'well I've done nothing wrong I've got nothing to fear' it's a case of if you get in their way, are in the wrong place at the wrong time or are a nuisance or if they need a patsy. 

You will lose the right to life ....  a fair trial ....  not to be tortured ....  not be punished or imprisoned if you have done nothing wrong .... freedom of expression, thought and conscience ..... to marry and start a family .... owing land or possessions ..... education .... fair elections .... 

If the government wants to screw you over they want the law to be able to do that. 'This guy is a troublemaker, luckily we changed the law and can now silence him' They have already been taking your rights to protest against fracking and will drill at a slant under yer homes if they want to.

Interviewing some potential terror suspects.

If they have a terror suspect they will have the time to work on them and to get a win or fabricate a win in order to look good. Think of habeas corpus the government takes the right to control the media and the public to it's own best interest and the government's best interests are not always that of the people.   
Riots in London the other week? .... funny how the BBC just didn't mention them, royal picture scandal? ..... funny how the British media did not publish them. 

Easier to keep Britain together and united if you have laws that let you um bend the law. 

The US have a similar method known as the Patriot act where they can cite 'National security' and close you down, bug yer home or read your e-mails. 
Your father said some bad things about fracking, I just need you sign a paper that says he did. 

Why does Cameron want this? Well he wants to keep his Tory fan base happy by sticking it to the EU and to woo some Ukip people to him and with the likes of Edward Snowden he wants to be able to squash any whistle blowers, then you have George Clooney's wife taking the British government to court because some Catholics were tortured by British soldiers during the Troubles in the 70's .... The British government has got sooo much dodgy shit so they do not want constant court cases, we haven't even touched all those people of privilege who have had their pedophilia protected by the police for decades. 

Another thing the Tory human not rights bill has is protection of British soldiers during foreign operations, boys will be boys and rape and murder tends to happen but putting soldiers in prison is bad for moral and do you know how much it costs to train a soldier? They could grandfather their bill to include the Troubles I suppose, you had better hurry Mrs Clooney whatever yer name is. 


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