Friday, 29 May 2015

Accidental Genius

If I went by first impressions (which I never do) I'd have Leigh Erceg doon as being a tweaker crack hoor missing a mouth full of teeth but I'd be wrong, she does have some teeth.

Erceg aged 47 (she's had a hard life) was working on a ranch in Colorado feeding chickens when she somehow managed to fall down a ravine. Don't feed chickens while yer on the crack.

She damaged her spine and brain and was diagnosed with Savant Syndrome. No memory of her former life or even her mother, she does no feel emotion, her mood is flat, she sees color when she listens to music and went from being a  lesbian tomboy who loved NASCAR and had a degree in physical education to a tomboy who likes art, poetry and math, some reporters go as far as calling her a genius .... maybe in comparison to journalists.

 Don't expect the math to make any sense ... but it looks good right?As do her sharpie pics.

Many autistic people are born with Savant qualities, that doesn't make them a genius but it does make them different. Erceg can do those spot the difference pictures in record time so she has that memory/exact fact retention ability. She won't be figuring out wormholes and making Stephen Hawking look bad any time soon. 

True story time.

When Old Knudsen was younger he worked in a soul destroying job in a factory, one day a 2 foot metal wheel fell onto his head causing a nasty gash and giving him the afternoon off. 

As my workmates panicked at seeing the blood pouring doon my face I was calm and stoic. I've always been a fan of yon poem 'If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs' so I watched with amusement, they obviously didn't know how solid Old Knudsen's head is. 

I found that I had lost all memories of my former lives except that I was Cleopatra once, I also forgot anyone I owed money to and that I could write really amazing and funny blog posts .... I just refuse to write them cos you don't pay me. 

I also never had a fascination with chicks with dicks before my accident, that incident at yon West Hollywood New Years party was a one off and the video has been destroyed... and the experimenting while in Thailand was accidental .... and that date I went on in Liverpool was misrepresentation of goods which may have led to 8 years of marriage but that's besides the point, nope, no interest at all.  

Is Old Knudsen a genius or just criminally insane? Aye, probably. Thinking differently to others is a blessing and a curse since I know better than you but am always in the minority so no one listens. 

Maybe I should take the advice of others and go throw myself doon a ravine.  

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