Friday, 17 April 2015

The Last Man On Earth

The Last Man on Earth is a comedy TV show about a post-apocalyptic America created by and starring Will Forte who you may not know from Saturday Night Live. 

Somehow everyone dies (probably a disease) and he is left all alone in Tucson Arizona ... sounds more depressing than funny so far. He travels all over the US, Canada and even Mexico looking for survivors and writing 'Alive in Tucson' on billboards which is how his fellow survivors find him.

Wiping his mouth on the declaration of Independence.  

Phil Miller as played by Forte is a 40 year-old man child, a guy who was probably waited on hand a foot by his mom and so he has never had to grow up much. He takes over a house and fills it with works of art and historical shit like a tyrannosaurus skull for his table and framed gold records. 
Not being able to make his toilet work because he is the least handiest man ever he cuts a hole in the pool's diving board and invents the toilet pool, he also invented the margarita pool which is a paddling pool filled with genius and some salt along the rim.

He spends the first couple of episodes in his underwear and destroys things in creative ways in a parking lot as seen in Malcolm in the middle and The Simpsons ... yes a steam roller is used. Are they still called steam rollers since they aren't steam power driven? Maybe they are called iRollers now or some such shite. 

A tribute to the movies Cast away and The Omega man or I am legend he talks to balls with faces drawn on them and even to shop mannequins. Just as it gets too much for him he tries to kill himself but then finds Carol as played by Kristen Schaal.

A nice person though totally annoying, she insists on obeying the rules of the road such as stopping at stop signs and corrects his grammar at gun point, she then says she'll have sex to re-populate the Earth but only if they are married. Forte's character will shag anyone at this point in his life so he agrees. 

As soon as he gets married Melissa (January Jones) turns up and she hates cheaters so Phil has to talk Carol into letting him also re-populate the world with Melissa .... you don't want our kids having sex with each other do you? 

A spanner is thrown into the works when Todd turns up and he is everything Phil isn't .... a nice honest person.   

 The Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie too, Tom Hanks was great in it. 

I love this show, you can't watch it and compare it to The Walking Dead, that would be stupid, it's a comedy for fucks sake. The streets are empty and there are no dead bodies lying about, now and then you can hear traffic from roads when outside scenes are being done or spot the orange flashing light of a truck in the distance. Why the fuck would you stay in Arizona though? 

Old Knudsen would take a 3 week voyage across the Atlantic and have a compound in Northern Callyfornia and sees nothing wrong with talking to balls and shop dummies.  

Get a real doll and you'll never be lonely again. Human contact is overrated. So many stupid people being so wrong all the time, an opinion and free speech is wasted on most folk. 

Even the ladies can get a doll, if this post doesn't boost Kid Rock sex doll sales then I don't know what will.  

The show is original material which is odd for TV and it's funny which is also odd. Phil is such a creep but you can't wait to see what he does next because when he isn't driven by his selfish needs and juvenile brain farts he tries to be a decent person. 

A couple more weemen have turned up in Tucson so it's getting well crowded, maybe time to move? 

The only other show that gets as many giggles as The last man on earth is Brooklyn nine nine, a comedy cop shop set in the fictional 99th precinct of Brooklyn. I've tried watching the police procedural TV show Bosch but it was just depressing and dull, even the less serious Backstrom and Battle Creek were better. 

Old Knudsen is always on the look out for good TV since The Walking Dead, Vikings and numerous other shows take so long to make. Ever since Lost took 2 years to make a season everyone else takes the piss too. 
Now because of the huge breaks waiting on shows and short seasons Old Knudsen has lost a lot of his interest in Game of thrones and Dr Who, sure he'll watch em in case someone gets their tits out but bleh ....

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