Tuesday, 28 April 2015

That Headache Is Karma

Tense nervous headache? ..... Maybe even a migraine, are you are also forgetful and have difficulty understanding sample wrotten wurds.  

First check to see if someone hasn't attached a G-clamp to yer head, probably kids messing around.

You are probably suffering from a braincloud and don't have too much time left or you have a teratoma.

Yamini Karanam a 26 year-old lass from Fockyew Indiana was told she had a brain tumor but due to its position they couldn't operate. She then found this hippy dippy surgeon in Los Angeles who worked with keyhole surgery and didn't care who he cut open as long as they had signed a waiver.

He cut a tiny hole in the base of her skull and sent in a camera to see whats what. Turned out that the tumour was really a teratoma which is a clump of bone, hair and teeth.

 Yer good twin that you killed off.

Thought to be a twin that didn't develop in the womb and was absorbed by the main baby they are often attached to the outer body when born. 

Nagabhushanam from India had teeth growing into her eyeball, every time she brushed them she'd put her eye out. 

Don't bother with pain relief or a neck rub, yer the evil twin and you killed off the good one while in the womb and now it's in yer head killing you.  


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