Friday, 24 April 2015

Same As It Ever Was

So I've got a New York Times article from 1974 talking about the state of the world and how the changing climate is a danger to food production. 41 years ago the talk of climate change was connected with the scientific idea of an approaching ice age, the polar ice caps were fucking thick and getting thicker ever since WWII and this was worrying people ... yeah the exact opposite to what is worrying them today.

With drought in various parts of the world people only worry about a shortage of chocolate or coffee now .... unless you live in those places of course.  

Except when the scientists get it wrong. 

It was predicted that the last 20 years of the 20th century would get even colder ... of course we know that didn't happen and in 1997 the buzz words became Global warming. Hey it's not a fucking science, give them a break.

I'm not a climate change denier, I'm a scientist denier. Of course the climate changes, it has done for centuries otherwise we'd still be in an ice age. The Earth is said to heat up and cool down on a cycle and if humanity speeds up the cycle we'll have another ice age in either a couple of hundred years or 10,000 years .... or maybe not at all, it's science bitches.
Climatologists, is that even a real thing? Or is it like Economists? At least meteorologists are up front about their guessing and use the word 'may' when forecasting the weather. Careers not at all needed in the world yet there are so many in those fields.  

Didn't the last ice age happen due to the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs or do we not think that now? ... geez it's hard to keep up but if you say anything Neil DeGrasse and his followers will mock you on Twatter or something.

    As in 1974 we had floods in Bangladesh in 2014.

A drought in parts of India.

A drought in the Callyfornia.

In 1974 the world population was 4 billion today it is 7.2 billion. Planes were crashing or getting blown up, famous people like Duke Ellington, Charles Lindbergh, Oskar Schindler and Jack Benny died.
The stars of today such as Christian Bale, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Adams, Hilary Swank and American sniper Chris Kyle were born in 1974.

Tornadoes were killing hundreds in the US, Stephen King published his first book and the cunt hasn't let up since .... he just changes the names and keeps the same stories, hidden danger, secret abilities the end.

A hung parliament in the UK which is everyone's fear right now as politicians dismisses how they'll make political pacts in order to win but they'll make them. Labour got back into power in 1974.

Wars in the middle east and Africa. The Rubik's cube was invented and I still can't do it. The IRA and the UVF were being total cunts .... yep some things never change.

Back then as Nixon resigned and the last Japanese soldier surrendered on the Indonesian island of Morota and realised he wasn't going to get his back pay things seemed as if we were on the brink and chaos reigned ... well it does and we are on the brink but that is the way were are. Many brinks are man made and could be avoided if I was allowed to rule the world.

Now the media has got scaring the public down to a fine art, we can't stop climate change but if we recycle we'll feel better huh, people do like to feel in control don't they? No point worrying because things are bound to be ruined by others anyway and if you worry all that will get you in an ulcer and no solutions.

Guns for instance, if people didn't go around shooting school kids etc Old Knudsen would have a fine collection of firearms instead of what he has today which are some medieval style weapons with his arsenal of mostly legal firearms in storage in the US.

No one gets bent out of shape by the amount of car deaths or overdoses by prescription drugs and that is because the media have got scaring the public down to a fine art ... I believe I said that, they know what will work and politicians do like to ruin the lives of others and to look busy and necessary to the world while doing it.

Yer on a ship with a hole in it's hull and yer worried about recycling yer coke can.  Worry about potable water because we'll run out of clean drinking water long before we get to any ice age.

We'll either waste on golf courses in the desert or storm drains directly to the sea or we'll contaminate it with chemicals as we frack the place up.  Climate change? Might as well fret about death and taxis, some things there is no stopping especially if everyone else are going to be cunts about it.        

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