Monday, 27 April 2015

Jim Wells Hates Fags

Remember Jim Wells? He's settled into his job as the health minister for Northern Ireland very nicely except that he has just resigned. Yes maybe I was a little hard on him in my previous posts calling the DUP politician a woman hating, Gog bothering, homophobe or maybe I was spot fucking on as usual.

His recent comments that goes onto the long list of homophobic werds and actions by the DUP are that children raised in a same sex partnership are more likely to be abused. Where did he get this information from? .... why his arse that's where.

The DUP keep most of their facts and figures up their holes like how Ian Paisley jr said that allowing gay people to get married would cause fewer heterosexual people to wed. "I am pretty repulsed by gay and lesbianism. I think it is wrong. I think that those people harm themselves and - without caring about it - harm society."

The party leader Peter Robinson is standing by Wells of course, just as he has stood by other homophobic and racist Protestants. He says that the views expressed by Wells are not the view of the DUP and not even Wells' view, I guess he just says shit for fun.

Peter Robinson and his wife Iris believe that homosexuality can be cured by scripture and therapy and when Iris said that a ghey should go get cured Peter defended her by saying "It wasn’t Iris Robinson who determined that homosexuality was an abomination, it was the Almighty."

Iris said:  “There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children.”

Iris has been a lot quieter ever since she was caught helping her young lover set up his dream cafe.

Peter even backed the conscience clause that DUP weasel Paul Givan tried to pass that would discriminate against queers just like the one Indiana had going on.... but oh no, not his party's view.

Peter Robinson said that Jim Wells had been under stress when he made the comments because his poor wife had been in hospital long term after having two strokes, this is not a recent thing and she is doing better now BTW.

So he wasn't under stress when he said that women who were raped should have the baby as it only punished the child if aborted and that 'they' were the ultimate victim. Wells who has not adopted any children himself has said that there are many families willing to adopt unwanted children ... so why do we still have orphanages then?   

At the weekend Jim was going door to door looking for votes and told a leezer couple that he and his party didn't approve of lifestyle choices .... oh dear and now he has done too much damage before an election.

The DUP were scrapping the barrel with him so I wonder what other bigot they have waiting to take his job.

  Jeremy Clarkson said that he punched an assistant producer, not because he wasn't able to get a steak dinner on set because the chief had gone home for the day but because he had a cancer scare on his tongue and was under stress.

(The DUP, Jeremy Clarkson, Ukip and the Daily Mail are all of similar mindsets and so can be connected to in my posts.) 

It's amazing how many people I don't hit or accuse of child abuse when I'm under stress, sure most of you fuckers need a good slap but I'll leave that to karma.
When cunts like Wells, Paisley, Givan, Edwin Poots, Peter and Iris Robinson and Jeremy Clarkson cross the line there are sadly people that agree with them and enough of them to hold the balance of power ....  that is scary and enough to make you question if maybe it's you that is wrong, well unless yer Old Knudsen of course who is never wrong.

Just read and agree with Old Knudsen and yer moral compass will always point true ... ish. 

Gerry Adams from Sinn Fein (the DUP opposition) is just as much a dick as the DUP , he'll support and will order the murdering and disappearing of whoever for his cause but denies everything. He even claims not to know who let the dogs out but that fucker knows. 

When faced with rape and child abuse within his organization (either Sinn Fein, IRA or his family) he'd rather just quietly solve things his way even if that includes belittling the victim as long as the dirt doesn't stick to him.

Bigots and cunts without the guts to come out and say what they believe in because they know in the back of their heads that it is morally wrong. Like saying, "Hitler had some great ideas."

I do agree with Adams when he said about the DUP "we'll break the bastards with equality" was the outrage at calling them bastards or that he'd use equality? Equality is only a weapon in the minds of those that fear it, other people may know it as doing the right thing.

Adams is as much of a hypocrite as anyone in the DUP and has his own fanatical agenda just as they have but we need equality.


If there is a hung parliament in England after the elections of 7th May the Tories may join in a pact with the DUP in order to swing the votes in their favour. This is the DUP's wet dream cum true. They'll be wanting loads of money and protection for their Loyalist marches of bigotry and maybe to teach creationism and not to have sex until married in schools .... wouldn't that be great?

David Cameron has spent years avoiding Northern Ireland, in fact anything outside of London gives him the shits. The DUP are just too stupid to reason with and a Loyalist community that aren't loyal to the crown ..... how can you get anywhere with that?

The English are worried. Sharing power with a religious right wing backwards political party that they have been able to ignore and marginalize as dem der crazy Irish fuckers that make Alabama look enlightened.

 His melted face looks more old lady like each year.

Old Knudsen wants the English to have the full DUP experience and have Peter Robinson with his melted old lady face following Cameron everywhere like Clegg has been doing. Why should we be the only ones to suffer?

Old Knudsen will be voting Alliance as usual, cos there is not much choice. 


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