Thursday, 2 April 2015

I Value Opinion

Freydis Eriksdottir
Old Knudsen is proud of his Viking blood, aye when his great great grandmother raped yon Viking warrior thus scaring the others so much to flee in terror which saved our island, that was probably the most amazing thing in the Old Knudsen lineage until the birth of Old Knudsen that is. 

Freydis Eriksdottir was all woman with a bit of animal thrown in. It's common knowledge that Columbus discovered shit, he didn't even set foot on North America. The Vikings had been there long before him. During the fourth Viking visit to America the pregnant half sister to Leif Ericsson fought off some durty redskins armed only with her sword. She also got her husband to kill his business partners and she killed their wives and children but still, pretty fucking hard.

Vikings with names like Eric Bloodaxe were pretty motivated people.  You don't get named something The Conqueror for sitting on yer hole.

I like to read online comments on TV shows from people who think they know their history or maybe they are that dumb or they are trolling.... it's hard to tell.

Aye you have the Russians and even the bloody Normans, the Vikings took over then they integrated into society such as with Dublin. We have Viking words in our language such as anger, awe, awkward, crawl, dirt, die, freckle, glove, husband, ugly and lets not forget Yule.

Maybe they mistook the Vikings for the Moriori, a peace loving Polynesia people of the Chatham islands just off New Zealand who were slaughtered and eaten in 1835 by 900 Māori invaders. The last full blooded Moriori Tommy Solomon died in 1933.... Easy mistake to make. 

Others have a more healthy idea about the Vikings. 

The media worry about Jamie Dornan or James Corden's accent and yet American shows cast Brits with dodgy accents all the time.  The Americans probably think that Shriek is supposed to be Irish, especially when he hums Scotland the brave as the Americans use the tune for their Irish spring soap. 

One of my favourite shows is The last man on earth. Getting stuck at the end of the world with a nit picker sounds like Hell but this show makes it funny.   

Sure most of these people are under 25 which means that Old Knudsen's shit has higher IQ points. If Old Knudsen was a world leader with nukes these people would make him want to push the easy button of destruction. NEVER! fuck with the redneck from The walking dead. 

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