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Dude Looks Like A Douche Bag

I'm sooo fucking high a seat belt couldn't hold me down.

When the UK gets sun everyone goes crazy, at 72 Fahrenheit or 22 Celsius the old people start to drop dead and people in cars forget how to drive safely. 'Look the sun is out, right of way? Must be me cos it's sunnae.' 

The cost of driving a convertible has been made affordable with the likes of Hyundai and Toyota all bringing them out for those who don't want to buy a BMW or Audi but still want to appear smug and well off. 
As soon as spring hits, the blokes put on their shorts and flip flops and get the old rag top doon and tool around even though it's still fucking cold and rainy. It's usually middle aged blokes and their trophy wife out in the convertible, like the bloke I saw with his top doon, the sun shining and yet his sunglasses were sitting on his head. 

It used to be just paramilitaries who wore sunglasses as people would look at you strangely ... big Hollywood star wearing sunglasses while walking doon Ann street indeed, wind yer neck in. Still too many drivers don't wear sunglasses and surprise early morning sun can be blinding here.  

Reminded me of this dude. 

I bet Mr mid-life crisis also has a landrover or 4x4 truck in his 2 car garage for when we get a slight frost or hint of snow .... oh look at me I'm prepared for anything and you are not. Old Knudsen is not a begrudger, he just wishes bad things to happen to others who do well .... it's so not the same.  

Ben Affleck knows about begrudgers, when he read online that he was going to be Batman the first comment was NNNOOO!!!!! 
Actors do have flops and just bad movies like Ben's Gigli and Jersey Girl but it seems as if the public have a real need to bash Affleck. Is it because he stands up to the likes of Bill Maher when he makes stupid stereotype like comments? The 'yes men' Liberals who fawn over people like Maher did not like Ben having a differing opinion. 
He's not a great actor but he can do the job as good as Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and many others who don't get picked on for every thing they do. 
Argo was said to have been one of the best 11 movies of  2012, Affleck stared and directed it and it must have really been difficult for people to praise him for it .... he didn't get nominated for his acting or directing. Roger Ebert chose it as his best pick for movie of that year. 

After watching the new TV show of Dare Devil you soon appreciate just how not so sucky Ben Affleck actually was. 

On a PBS show about family history it was discovered via the Sony e-mail hack that Affleck asked the show not to reveal that one of his ancestors owned slaves. Others like Anderson Cooper had slave owners in his family tree in fact one of Cooper's ancestors was beaten to death by one of his slaves ... this made him lol. 

   The grand kids were not very impressed when they asked what I did during the woar. 

For a guy who broke up with a lass with a fine huge booty because of media pressure, he may have issues about putting all of his life out there in public. Rather than protecting the Affleck brand he was probably embarrassed about it. It's no big deal though he felt as if he had to come out and apologize because American history needs to be out there, the good and the bad.  
In the US they tend to ignore racism and over react if a white person even looks at a black person the wrong way which is why the media jumped over Benedict Cumberbatch when he said "coloured" when he was really standing up for ethnic actors and meant non-white people rather than black but they still went after him.    
Unless the US police start shooting a lot more unarmed white people to balance out the blacks then there will be a point where the US can't keep looking the other way and will have to discuss the African elephant in the room.  

Why am I mentioning actors? Well it's less depressing than a lot of the news.  

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner who play Captain Frisbee and the Angry archer in the latest Avengers movie were asked about Black widow and how her character flirts with both of them in the movies and will she get together with either one or maybe even both .... that three way idea made them chuckle and Renner called her a slut and Evans called her a complete whore, it was all in good humour. 

They have since issued apologies: 

Evans wrote the best one.
 “Yesterday we were asked about the rumors that Black Widow wanted to be in a relationship with both Hawkeye and Captain America,” Evans said in a statement provided to EW. “We answered in a very juvenile and offensive way that rightfully angered some fans. I regret it and sincerely apologize.”

Then Renner was a little passive aggressive.
“I am sorry that this tasteless joke about a fictional character offended anyone,” Renner also said in a statement provided to EW. “It was not meant to be serious in any way. Just poking fun during an exhausting and tedious press tour.”

Being a fictional character may allow you leeway to poke fun at however many do link Scarlett Johansson with Black widow and hey should it not be Widow of color?  

When you play heroes on screen and are promoting the movie aimed at kids and adult virgins etc you shouldn't use the terms slut or whore ... just saying like. Should anyone really be using them to describe a flirtatious woman anyway? 

Those who have been oppressed usually have trigger words connected to them and since it's still a man's world you'd better make sure that yer joking comments are made at the right venues even though we know they weren't being serious, it just wasn't funny.   

Robert Downey jr walked off during an interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy, you may remember him as the guy who asked Quintin Tarantino if there was a link between film violence and real-life atrocities in America just after Sandy Hook when he was there promoting Django Unchained. Not being able to talk about his film an outraged Tarantino walked out. Outraged at the question more than the shooting.

Now Guru-Murthy is at it again, maybe he thinks that the celeb should get a little and then the interviewer should get some. Downey was there to promote the Avengers movie, a fluff film about muscle men who swing big hammers about and turn green.  Guru-Murthy thought this would be the perfect time to talk about Downey's drug abuse and relationship with his father. 

Maybe he should have asked about that jacket instead ... I mean WTF?  Guru-Murthy needs to wait until he gets his own fluffy day time chat show before messing about with promotional tours. 

Saying that I think the actors all need to go and have a wee power nap.   

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