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Do Facebook Friends Really Care?

Sometimes I wonder how I became friends with some of the people on Facebook, eventually it turns out they are a raging homophobe or seething Fox news loving racist. Sure it pops out every now and again when they can't keep it hidden or they just don't give a fuck one day.

I shrug and usually don't get stuck into them as I figure they are having a bad day. I'm working on being a better person so brabbling with someone even though it's fun and I can piss people off like no other but I just keep scrolling.

'I just broke up with my girlfriend and I have no idea why, they said I was mean and controlling, well that ugly stupid bitch must have been hiding something.'

18 people like this .... because they know yer a cunt. 

When a person is being extremely dumb it's difficult not to point it out, my patience is tried. Thank fuck for and me posting a link is my polite way of saying, "you've got the Internet at yer finger tips use it for fucks sake."

So about a year ago I friended some bloke from Indiana, he was into all the batshit crazy alien and bigfoot stuff so I thought why not, Americans can be fun.  He looked like a cross between George RR Martin and Santa, a little creepy and sort of aggressive, probably aspergers but that's only a negative thing if you behave like a dick.
I'll change his name cos I respect people an shit and will call him Kale Krinnon. He'd post about what time he got up at and how he has a hospital appointment and how Facebook and Blogger were preventing him from doing anything (everyday) but he did post the odd attractive woman and cos-player chick in a tight outfits. I suspect his computer was full up with porn hence having to run scans all the time.

   I found my future wife through him so it was meant to be.

So recently I shared a George Takei meme about how he was boycotting Indiana. As I've said before Takei was discriminated against during WWII for being a slope and now he's being discriminated against for being a fudge packer ... this isn't on!

Like everyone else I looked up where Indiana was, I then looked up what they were famous for. Of all the places to visit in life no one says, "I must visit Indiana before I die"  sure they say that about Ireland and once they get here Indiana looks far more appealing.

Old Knudsen boycotting Indiana is funny because why the fuck would he go there? It's not as if they make stuff I use. Kale took the boycott personally, he vented a rage at Takei and how he'd fight the 77 year-old for taking business away from his home state. Kale obviously had some impotent rage against Old Knudsen posting Indiana stuff ... I bet it was the 'fuck you Indiana' song that broke him. In my defense it was funny and very catchy.
Kale did attempt to lay a guilt trip on Old Knudsen as FB refers to Old Knudsen as 'she' and 'her' ... obviously Old Knudsen is proud that he is half female (on his mother's side) and fuck you Facebook for trying to define and limit Old Knudsen. I'm half woman, half man hear me ROAR!

He said that weemen had broken up with him over my Facebook gender, cos an old guy picture with a guy's name is so feminine and threatening to yer relationship, yeah right. Not exactly a player he once expressed an interest in contacting a female that didn't want anything to do with him, I suggested not to but stalkers gotta stalk. He blocked me after unfriending so I'll expect a message from him asking if I miss him. 
Today my psychic intuition made me check if he was still my FB friend and when he wasn't I went looking for him....  like you do. One guy unfriended me ages ago and when I messaged him he said it was a mistake and friended me again .... he was being polite and it was my Palestine and Hamas are cunts but so is Israel stance, he had a big boner for Israel no matter who they kill and didn't like me pointing out facts. We aren't friends anymore.  
 When you block one Soren Knudsen two will rise up .... Hail Hydra! 

Well sorry as fuck for having an opinion that differed. I wasn't feeling the butthurt because I have more of an understanding of discrimination. Northern Ireland doesn't allowed ghey marriage or abortion .... because of Christian beliefs. I am constantly embarrassed by the law makers and the bigoted people in general, if someone said how backwards Northern Ireland was I'd agree. Boycott Northern Ireland see if I care .... we're xenophobic anyway so yay!

It's Northern Ireland ya dumb American and me boycotting Indiana was a joke. You've got more chance of seeing yer dick than I've got in going to Indiana .... aye angled mirrors are marvelous.
Timbuktu (spell it rite) can fuck off as well! I'm a west coaster, yon stuff in the middle is what you fly over going to Callyfornia.

It says a lot about a person when they will talk about fighting a 77 year-old and get really angry about a boycott than actually getting angry about the bill that caused the outrage in the first place. Now I know his brother doesn't like gheys but he "claims" to be against the bill himself .... yeah, sure, as long as no one insults Indiana right? 

Are his other friends catching on? Voting is irrelevant, this ain't about no politicking, this is about the real world .... on the Internet. I will fight Takei and kill the elite class just as I've done with countless wizards and orcs, I once slayed an army of dark elves and never had any pants on the whole time.   

Old Knudsen doesn't care, he thinks this is quite funny. All bets are off and rational thinking doesn't happen if you insult The Hoosier State.  Dumb people just annoy me. 

There are some decent people in Indiana who care about equality and not looking like a complete tool, there's Gary Indiana, the mayor of Indianapolis Greg Ballard, the Indiana tourist board and countless businesses who do not want to fight Takei.

We just hear about the bad ones more because idiots are louder, even when they block you on Facebook. Crystal says that if a ghey couple wanted pizza for their wedding they would say, "no" at her pizza shop.

Not because she hates gheys but because of her religious beliefs as laid down by Jesus when he said, "love everyone except for shirt lifters who want to get married" ... well ok he didn't say a thing about that and it wasn't because he isn't/wasn't real. Love yer Neighbor, turn the other cheek ... fuck the Bible is ghey!

'Freedom of religion, protecting my religious beliefs' .... all these soundbites we hear from the likes of Fleggers, 'chipping away at our culture'  or from the likes of Osama and Daesh, 'death to the infidels'  it's a pattern of one dimensional thinking that one phrase can say it all but ask them to elaborate and they get stuck, they just repeat the phrase or any other they have heard. Their cognitive complexity has gone. 

Crystal's father Kevin hates gheys too doesn't think gheys should suffer the curse known as marriage either. He says that he chose to be heterosexual just as the gheys chose to be ghey so it's basically their own fault.
1983 Kevin just had a marathon sex fest with Dutch Ingersoll who runs the Happy endings boutique in Indiana. Lying there smoking his ciggie, Dutch lying there exhausted with Kev's cum matted into his hairy chest. Kevin thinks about how much his hole hurts and how after various one night stands he still doesn't like the taste of cum and on that day in 1983 he chose to be heterosexual ... Dutch's heart was broken but it's Kev's choice.

I think we all can remember the day we chose to be straight, ghey, bi or buy. Just like when black people decide to not be white then get all offended when a cop shoots them.... or how Asian people refuse to open their eyes fully just to be cunts, you reap what you sow.

One day of backlash and Memories pizza has closed for now, I guess they reaped. 

Governor Pence in his closed to the public signing of his bill with religious nuts and anti-ghey lobbyists, if only the people of Indiana cared enough to vote for nice people... or to even vote.   

It's sad that the 85% of people in Indiana who say they are Christian feel that they need protecting. The good news is that the Wiccans and Satanists can also discriminate too under this bill.

Arkansas has just signed a bill like Indiana, who the fuck wants to go to Arkansas? Yep I'll be boycotting that one too, this is so fucking easy. Unlike Krinnon I'll be boycotting yon pizza place too.   

Abraham Lincoln moved to Indiana as a boy, he could have said this about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and about doing and standing up for the right thing in general. Old Knudsen believes in this as a means to stay right. 

   "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion."

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