Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Who Were You In A Previous Life?

Luke Ruehlman was a 5 year-old boy from Cincinnati who shocked his parents when he told them of another life he has remembered. He claimed to have been a black woman from Chicago called Pam aged 30 who had died in a fire.
His parents asked the Internet and results came up for a fire at the Paxton Hotel in 1993 and one of the people who died in that fire was named Pam Robinson. Luke was even able to pick out a picture of Pam put amongst several false ones.
He was always a safety conscious child making sure that things weren't hot or left on and would often make strange comments like, 'I had ear rings just like that when I was a girl.'

His story appeared on 'Ghost inside my child' on the Lifetime channel but the family never got paid for the story as it was more about the story that transcended death, race and gender. Luke stopped talking about his past life after getting it all out.

Getting it out then stopping talking about it seems to be a theme with kids and past lives. 

Does Old Knudsen think reincarnation is real? Why yes he does, was he someone in a past life? Yes, Old Knudsen used to be Jesus which is why I hate Jews and Romans .... the fuckers! Only kidding I love yon hooked nosed money lenders but the Italians can fuck off, no seriously.

I'm Jesus and my wife is a holy hoor. 

I don't know if I was someone famous, probably not given the odds though there are plenty out there who were Jesus, Napoleon and of course Cleopatra. Alan John Miller, a former IT specialist from Australia thinks he was Jesus H Christ and that his wife was Mary Magdalene.
Miller has set up his compound to ready his faithful for the end of the world in a few years time. He uses pop psychology and emotional trauma on men women and children. An ex Jehovah Witness preacher he split with the church over some trouble with a hooker, his flock buy him properties and donate to him .... nothing dodgy there, oh wait, he was an IT specialist, that means HE'S FUCKING NUTS!!!! Reincarnation is not very Christian and his earth changing/destroying predictions have not happened so no divine truth there. 

Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop a Russian ex-cop is also Jesus. Funny how Jesus keeps coming back as a long haired white bloke. Sergey has banned money from his congregation which means he is nuts or just in it for the sex but the fact that he's a vegan definitely confirms being nuts. 

The case of  Bridey Murphy is one of the most famous since there was a movie made out of it. Virginia Tighe  a housewife from Colorado said while under hypnosis she was an 18th century Irish woman named Bridey Murphy. While her account was detailed, some of the facts from her hometown was wrong. Turned out that she had lived in Chicago as a child and knew an Irish woman named Bridie Murphy Corkel so don't go believing in hypnosis too much, the person doing it might be feeding answers and leading you without realizing it. 

 I was an Egyptian princess.

So there are plenty of kooks claiming to be historical figures though I doubt that many of them could give you verifiable facts that they should know. There are also plenty who claim to be just boring plebs. 

James Leininger was a 3 year-old drawing pictures of planes on fire and giving out facts that he shouldn't know. He claimed to be a 21-year-old Navy fighter pilot named James Huston who was shot down by the Japs over Iwo Jima.
How does a 3 year-old watching Barney and Dora know about a WWII aircraft carrier in the Pacific called the The Natoma Bay or the name of one of the guys that flew with him? 

Another 3 year-old boy who was from the Golan Heights region of Israel had a birthmark on his head and claimed it was where he had been killed with an axe. An Israeli doctor took him seriously and they went to a village where the boy confronted a stranger by his full name and then went and found his own skeleton, hole in the head and all. 

Some people say that when they were dead god gave them permission to return, they fell through a hole and were born again. I don't know, maybe they get turned into a sperm, unlucky if Admiral Nelson ends up in a porno shoot.  

I died for yer sins though I don't really think it was worth all the trouble.

Old Knudsen is not the same person he was in his younger days, that person is just so different. Sometimes it was like someone else taking over for you to get you through a difficult time in life. I believe that the soul does keep bits of our former lives and it certainly feels as if Old Knudsen has been on this gog awful planet going around in circles for way too long. It often feels that some of the personalities bubble to the surface a bit more from time to time but those people and assorted animals were all me. 

While I'll nod politely to the Plato's and the Cleopatra's at the same time wondering how is it that I know more about them than they do I shall remain open minded to cases that have nothing to gain or no egos to feed.    


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