Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Who Was Andreas Lubitz?

The Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz who crashed the airplane he was piloting killing all 150 people on board was sure a confusing wee man. 

If you look at the pictures of him you'll see a bright young man with a cute smile and receding hairline .... a slight were-piggy nose but an almost baby like face you can trust.

 Mr Evil himself

Like a younger Karl Rove. So appearances can be deceptive. Lubitz was a selfish prick. The fact that he meant to kill himself and 149 other people shows that clearly.

What have we heard about him so far? He was being treated for mental illness, probably depression, his eyesight was getting worse and his girlfriend was pregnant and there was trouble in that relationship.

It seems that Lubitz was controlling and had a volatile temper then there was the stewardess he was banging on the side.
He also just found out he could face a big pay cut and that there would be changes to his company pension.
Pilots have to do job training in some companies and become a flight attendant for a while, during this time he was nicknamed  "Tomato Andy” which is a German term for repressed homosexuals so there was probably some form of bullying going on.

All very sordid and sounds like a life spiraling out of control... well to him anyways, certainly not worth killing yourself over but depression can convince you that it is.

Captain Patrick Sondheimer had missed going to the restroom before taking off, he mentioned this to Lubitz. Once the take off had cleared Lubitz calmly suggested that he could go to the bathroom at any time now.
When Sondheimer left the cock pit Lubitz locked the door and started an 8 minute decent into the French Alps. The captain can be heard on the flight recorder telling him to open the door and then to pull up, since 9/11 cock pit doors have been reinforced so he wasn't able to break in.

Lubitz was calm and didn't make any maybe calls so we know he did this on purpose, to me it sounds like he had a superiority complex and thought he deserved to be treated better and should have been given more money .... maybe he should have but with low cost air travel you'll get low cost pilots.

Plenty of people have depression and other troubles and don't kill 149 people so this is another matter of anyone can do anything at anytime. Some use guns some use knives, cars and planes for killing sprees, it's gonna happen now and again, people are fucked up. 
A German fitness fanatic who liked Audis .... the perfect ingredients for a self-entitled tosser.

He told his bit on the side that he'd do something that everyone would remember. Now he's made it onto Wikipedia so yeah, he's immortal, just like Hitler and Ted Bundy .... still a total prick though.  


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