Sunday, 1 March 2015

Service Dragon Kicked Out Of Restaurant

Mother of dragons Daenerys Stormborn was asked to leave a restaurant because of her service dragon. 
After being in an abusive marriage in which her husband murdered her brother she has suffered from PTSD and finds going out rather difficult. 

"Every time I go out assassins try to kill me it's very stressful"

The manager of the restaurant says that he was reluctant to let a dragon into the restaurant as they have been known to take cattle and indiscriminately burn people alive. After having the situation explained a little more he has said that if the Khaleesi wishes to return we shall endeavor to serve the best stallion heart she has ever tasted. 

Old Knudsen added, "just because you put a bib on an animal doesn't make it a service animal, there is a very lucrative market to sell fake harnesses and certificates so common sense must be used by the customer and the vendor."

A comfort animal is not a service animal. While the whole pet thing seems rather trendy for people with PTSD I tend to call bullshit like how celebs all had little brown babies as a fashion accessory. I would not look to a pet to help me with my psychological issues, especially ones who chew their butts then lick yer face, then again I've had better pet dogs than mental health care providers.   


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