Tuesday, 17 March 2015

RT Propaganda

 Russian news outlet Russia Today

Old Knudsen tells people things then they argue because they have never heard about. Is it Old Knudsen's fault that they have their heads up their holes? If you get bogged doon with details you miss the big picture.

Here is what we are told in the west. USA, UK, Canada, Australia and all the other Commonwealth and ex-British places are the good guys. The rest of Europe are the good guys .... though we keep an eye on them at all times. Saudi Arabia and Israel are also good guys, they just have different ways than we do ...... in others words they don't hide the bad shit they do.

In the western media Vladimir Putin is a tough no bullshit guy who rules Russia with an iron fist and has opposition leaders assassinated .... no proof of course but seriously who doubts it? When you think of Putin you think shirtless dude on a horse or judo throwing some child violently to the floor.

In Russia he may be a tough guy (compared to Obama or Cameron that isn't difficult) but they get more pictures like this. It's all to do with perception and deception. The Pope maybe be a raging misogynist homophobe but with a few smiles half the world loves him. Hey the German people cried when Hitler died so obviously he had a nice side too ... or the Germans are just cunts.    

 Russian tanks in Ukraine.

I like watching the news on Russia Today (RT) because it's obvious state run propaganda. RT slaps you on the back and lies to your face with a twinkle in its eye. The anchors smirk and scoff at the likes of the US and the UK if they suggest that there are Russian troops in Ukraine or that Putin assassinated his political nemesis Nemtsov. The English anchor with a smirk says, 'such incredible claims but they don't produce any evidence' chortle chortle. The group Open Russia have complied evidence that 276 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine though the real number could reach up to 800.
Dumb news for dumb people, it literally is a no brainer.

If Fox News seems like a desperate crazy dude in a tinfoil hat frantically warning you about an alien invasion RT is like someone casually setting you up to be executed. The stories on RT are mostly anti-west stuff, the stuff you won't get on CNN or the BBC, sure they maybe truthful but tend to leave a bitter taste and a sense of guilt as you know they are purely propaganda tools.

RT loves to point out the fault of the west while ignoring its own faults and there are plenty of westerners ready to help them. 

When I see an American or a Brit on RT I get reminded of Lord Haw Haw or Tokyo Rose. No one in their own cuntry will listen so why not tell the Russians? Nigel Farage and George Galloway are on opposite ends of the political spectrum in the UK but find a common ally in RT. Ron Paul the former Republican congressman constantly goes on RT to tell them what is wrong with Obama and America in general .... That fella loves to bitch, he's like Oliver North on Fox News. 

Many stories do not get very much coverage on RT such as when Pussy Riot were arrested or when Pro-Russian fighters shot down an airplane .... or as RT put it, 'well it was obviously the Ukrainians who shot it down, they also execute people in mass graves since you have no proof that the Russians did it.'
The poor Russians, all they want is to oppress whoever they want and to blame the Ukrainians, NATO, the US and the UK on it.

Obviously Ukrainian rebels rather than well equipped Russian troops. 

Since the start of the Ukrainian trouble people have taken pictures of the Russian T-64 tanks and the "little green men"  who mysteriously appeared over night fully armed and equipped but no insignias on their uniforms. The official story is that some Russian troops went to Ukraine on vacation to help the pro-Russian rebels .... yes they did take their guns, missile launchers and tanks with them, like you do.
Ukrainians only make up 10% of the pro-Russian rebels. Russian soldiers and tanks have been captured but RT still chuckles and demands proof. Putin has admitted putting his troops on standby, that is the closet you'll get to admitting guilt. 

Yeah the US and the UK are cunts, the moral high ground has been long leveled by a drone strike and we have been compromised. We kill civilians, invade where ever and remain allies with the likes of Saudi and Bahrain .

Are there any good guys left? Even Canada is stifling freedom of speech if the government doesn't like what it hears.  

At a time when a ceasefire in Ukraine is holding, the US send in tanks and troops as a show of strength and to maybe push the Russians more. Lithuania is worried enough to bring back conscription so someone definitely thinks there is going to be war no matter what. 

I love you .... I will still bite your head off though. 

War against Russia? Poor Putin, he just took a 10% pay cut because the economy is bad how could anyone go to war with a lovely fella like that?  He is also busy taking charge of the Nemtsov murder which is a smart move for a main suspect.... not that he is of course as he is sooo nice.   

The murder suspects are Chechen and Putin is great friends with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. There may be some loose canons vying for power at the Kremlin right now. How many fronts can Putin fight on?  

Maybe it is Obama's fault and Sarah Palin is correct for once, nah I'd believe that Putin was a trustworthy bloke before I believe that Palin was right.


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