Saturday, 14 March 2015

Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

If you do a job for one day and there is no hot meals provided just cold food like sandwiches it is obviously within yer right to take a swing at one of the lower managers. Violence in the workplace is justified at times like this as is racism and sexism.

Thank fuck people stand up for those poor millionaires like Jeremy Clarkson, forced to work on state television because if no one started a petition to save his job then he'd just fall through the cracks and become another victim of society.

Was there not a make up lady or something? Surely there had to be some weemen on set. If they want to be paid the same as men then they should take the initiative and get the crock pot out and stop thinking about having babies all the time.
Maybe he should have tried to punch one of them, the assistant producer he did try to assault was a male and about a foot smaller than Clarkson, lighter build and not as important as Clarkson so he was a prime target to be bullied by a millionaire TV star having a tantrum.

Stand up for the rights of the millionaire victims of harsh working conditions, how can anyone be expected to make a television show in that hostile work environment. Clarkson would no doubt stand up for you, he's famous for standing up for the little people .... or is that Russell Brand?     


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