Thursday, 12 March 2015

Prince Charles Is An Alien

Charles having trouble with his skin suit. Look at his badly fitting hands.

Prince Charles has complained that he never gets to see his grandson George. The reason why is that the Middletons and Prince William want to protect George from the Windsors who are really emotionless reptile aliens from the planet Pindar. William's human half has seen that feeding off humans is wrong and is going against his reptilian parasitic nature. 

The reason that Prince Charles never got along with Diana is because human women are too weak for a reptilian male and so Charles had to keep going to his reptilian sex workhorse Camilla for a happy ending.  His sons were conceived with clever alien technology known as a space baster. 

If Prince Charles is ever made king we shall expect a reign of terror.  King Charles I was beheaded by parliament for having sex with spaniels, King Charles II spent the nation's wealth on hoors and gambling, he died from syphilis that he got from a Frenchman .... look it up. 

King Charles III will ban all foods that are not organic and clothes will only be allowed to be made with natural fibres, with the food shortage there will be riots, he'll close the NHS and offer aromatherapy instead but his scented candles and oils of death will only give his meat ... you the people, more flavour.

Some humans at the top will be allowed to live in comfort for having sold out humanity. Mostly politicians, police chiefs and former Prime Ministers. 

Power plants will be fueled by old people and the TV will only have shows about farming and the country life. 

Would you let him near yer kids?     

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