Thursday, 5 March 2015

Part Of The Problem

If you look at the newspaper and see what yer local politican is up to and go, 'why do stupid people vote for these idiots' then just remember, it could always be worse .... unless it is of course.
Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grothman is a bear hunting, misogynist, pro-life, homophobe Republican who hates poor people and thinks you should be able to smoke where you please. 

A real man who remembers when America was a better place, for white middle class Christian people.   

He wants to go back to the days where you'd get one day off per week as the law right now is as he put it, "a little goofy."

"Right now in Wisconsin, you're not supposed to work seven days in a row, which is a little ridiculous because all sorts of people want to work seven days a week." Maybe he has never had a real job in which your time is not your own and you are expected to work hard. What will working 7 days a week get you when yer dead? ... who will care then? ... Is that life and what defines you as a person?
Having money is good but 7 days a week? 

Sex education is just teachers with the agenda to turn children ghey. I knew I didn't trust teachers for a reason, they think they are soo smart with their books and facts an shit. He thinks that Kindergarten is useless too as the kids don't remember any of it.  Old Knudsen doesn't remember it ... ok, like vaccinations for mumps and measles he didn't go to no Kindergarten.

Back then in the UK the children/babies all smoked and would have a drop of milk in their whisky for all aliments, we didn't do German measles or German sounding schools, fuck you Hitler!  

Did you know that Planned Parenthood are racist, they have a habit of, "not liking people who are not white" and  target Asian Americans for sex-selective abortions?  .... even though they are against sex-selective abortions.

Has he even been to a Planned Parenthood clinic? 

I don't care who says what at the Oscars, weemen don't take work seriously enough, too busy thinking about washing things and baking. Does a responsible person get pregnant so they can't work? So much for priorities.

"Take a hypothetical husband and wife who are both lawyers, but the husband is working 50 or 60 hours a week, going all out, making 200 grand a year. The woman takes time off, raises kids, is not go go go."
"Now they're 50 years old. The husband is making 200 grand a year, the woman is making 40 grand a year. It wasn't discrimination. There was a different sense of urgency in each person."
"You could argue that money is more important for men. I think a guy in their first job, maybe because they expect to be a breadwinner someday, may be a little more money-conscious." 

Men rock! It doesn't and shouldn't matter that the woman maybe be better than the man, he got there first and didn't have any holidays for being pregnant .... Manflu is different as there is no known cure.

Oscar for the best poor person goes to ..... Oliver Twist! In yer face you fakers. 

He really hates poor people who claim foodstamps assistance. He asked some experts ... yeah some cashiers at the store about the people on foodstamps.  

"Observations of people who work in food stores indicate that many people who use food stamps do not act as if they are genuinely poor."

He tells people to poor shame, if they buy soda or candy with their foodstamps then name and shame. 
Aye the Gestapo were big into having the public tout on their neighbours.

When Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni launched a bill to punish gays and lesbians. John Kerry got involved and spoke out against it. Grothman said.

"Now, usually I associate the United States with being a positive influence on Africa, you associate the United States with sending missionaries to Africa…Instead, what we have is the secretary of state going to Africa and educating Ugandans or saying he is going to send American scientists to Uganda to explain how normal homosexuality is. Think about that. What must God think of our country?"

God doesn't do too much thinking actually, much like his followers.

He hates Kwanzaa and thinks that black people aren't interested in it and that it's only liberal white people who go on about it to divide Americans .... white folks are soo fucking devious.  "Why Must We Still Hear About Kwanzaa?"

"Treat Kwanzaa with the contempt it deserves before it becomes a permanent part of our culture."

Martin Luther King day should not be a state employee holiday, calling the day off "an insult to all the other taxpayers around the state." What about black history month? I like February and think maybe we should move the black month into the first week of April and make it a black history half-hour cos I find a month to be oppressive and divisive.     

Affirmative action should be done away with too, going by his comments about gender pay equality he believes whoever gets the job first 'a white male obviously' they deserve it so he is all for affirmative action rather than the better person for the job. 

"There's no question that affirmative action is an idea whose time has come and gone, it's offensive and it's very anti-business." 

Stay away from me, I don't want to catch the ghey.

"Did people even know what homosexuality was in high school in 1975? I don't remember any discussion about that at the time. There were a few guys who would make fun of a few effeminate boys, but that's a different thing than homosexuality. Homosexuality was not on anyone's radar. And that's a good thing."

He said that single parents who have a partner means that their children are "20 times more likely to be sexually abused."

This is somewhat true though I bet that 20 times is an exaggeration. Don't worry though, being married won't save yer child either.


 Grothman obviously knows about weemen, children and everything .... though he isn't married and has no children, he is like the Pope who will talk about anything without ever experiencing it.

Some immigrants from Africa went to Europe to live, they had never used stairs or even door handles, would you ask for their advice on elevators or escalators?     


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