Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Balls Are Itchy, Must Be Climate Change

Is this the ice age that scientists predicted in the 70's and 80's?

Old Knudsen doesn't believe many so-called "experts" he suspects they say shit to get funding and to stay in a job I mean what the fuck is an economist? And why do they have job security even during recessions? 

Experts think that early humans came out of the trees because the climate changed and it's either adapt or die, that's evolution baby! Imagine that, millions of years ago the climate changed and we said, "hey Africa really does suck big dino cock lets be Eurpoean" and got the fuck out of Africa and became white.
Of course this is speculation or at best an educated guess cos Mr Caveman didn't study the environment over a long period of time and his records consist of hand shapes and bison drawings...  what a moron.

    Snow during winter, must be global warming/climate change.

We can do soil samples and count tree rings but it only gives us some of the answers, we've only been collecting data for weather over the last couple of hundred years, a blink in evolutionary time. We really do not know what this planet does. Pumping it full of toxins, wasting precious rain water that drains to the sea and building golf courses in the desert probably isn't very smart. Is the planet alive? maybe it goes through a recycle phase when things become unhealthy. Those ruins were not a sky calendar, it was that last lot of people trying to build a fall out shelter.  

 Hot in summer, must be global warming/climate change.

Scientists tell us the planet is heating up .... sure 30 years ago they were telling us we were going to have another ice-age .... this isn't fucking science ya know! I think they give humans way too much credit for things, maybe there's like shit that they don't know about... is that possible? 

Oh no severe weather conditions are a sure sign of climate change, yes because we've never had that before. The Great Hurricane of 1780 killed 22,000 with it 200 mph winds. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 killed 6 -12 thousand people with its 145mph winds. The Okeechobee hurricane of 1928 killed 4,078 people with it's 160 mph winds. 

The 1912 United States cold wave across the US killed 47 people with temperatures of −38 °F (−39 °C) and that wasn't as cold as 1917 for fucks sake. 

Look on the bright side, *at least it's dry.* 

The severe drought of the 1920's and 30's during the great depression that was even felt in China where millions died of famine. The world population of less than 2 billion in 1920 I suppose we'll blame green house gases from .... from ....

What I'm saying is that we only remember the bad days and forget all other generations. I'm not denying climate change, it changes every fucking 5 minutes in Northern Ireland, I am saying that scientists know fuck all and spent years studying fuckallogy but at least they are getting paid. 

Keep an open mind because I doubt we are seeing the big picture from our short span of history but really, grow some fucking trees if you own land, it's your duty to the future and bad karma for you if you don't. 

*cheery UK weather small talk*

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