Thursday, 26 March 2015

Meme Friday ... On A Thursday

Humans are the most intelligent animals on this planet, yet when they have a problem they ask social media or post it in comment boxes rather than typing it into their search engine. "I keep getting ads, I don't know what to do they are so annoying" it's as if they just got online yesterday.

If you don't know about ad-block plus by now, slap yerself.

Don't give the red shirts names, don't get attached. 


The Motion picture was a load of shite and now it turns out that a pedo was captain of the Enterprise for a while the film is totally dead to me.

During the Wraith of Khan they were all allowed to get old and fat .... yay!!!!

In Star Trek 5 Kirk asked God, "Do porn stars really enjoy porn?" and got zapped for it.

5 years is a long time, you gotta pull pranks to keep yer sanity. 

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