Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Jeremy Clarkson-gate

Jeremy Clarkson is one of those many people famous in Britain but elsewhere in the world it's who? Like many of our singers and actors the Brits just assume that everyone knows about them. Thank fuck Old Knudsen was in the US when Girls aloud came out, I missed them completely.

Jeremy Clarkson is a TV presenter who mostly does a show called Top Gear which is about cars. It can be silly, amusing and addictive to Daily Mail reader types. His views are British Empire, xenophobic Nigel Farage type views, bloody Yanks, lazy Mexicans, limp wristed French with all things British being great.
Old Knudsen doesn't think that it is very funny, thrashing wogs under the hot sun and beheading Frenchies at Agincourt is bloody hard werk and wot does it get you? A superiority complex and bad teeth. 

Some call what he says and does blokery while others use words like racist, misogynist, arrogant, douchebag. His thing is to travel to other countries and use stereotype humour or political sore points to insult those nations so his semi-illiterate viewers can feel good about themselves. We is British, we rule the waves ..... aye like 200 years ago. Now we're the lap dog of the Americans with a tiny military.

 An old picture, he doesn't look that good anymore. 

Going to Argentina with the license plate H982FKL was a real poke in the eye to the Argies over the Falkland islands that were fought over in 1982. I'm sure it was all a coincidence. Humour at its best huh.  I like to put the skin of a chicken on my face and pretend to be a burning sailor on the ship Sir Galahad when the Argies attacked it ... good times.

I wonder if he saw Bill O'Rielly while in Argentina, they could swap war stories even though neither served but I'm sure they have some great stories though. "I saw nuns shot in the back of their heads" ... "well I saw 2 girls and they only had one cup."

Yes a lot of Top Gear and Clarkson himself are staged and exaggerated but being a big earner for the BBC has given him some protection and the fact that another channel wants him for 10 million means I doubt he'll get hanged as Old Knudsen has been calling for.

The latest row has Clarkson attempting to punch an assistant producer because there was no hot meal catering on location, the chef had gone home for the day. Poor Jeremy had to make do with a cold platter. Fuck the need for food banks I demand hot meals for millionaires!
The blogger Guido Fawkes set up a petition for Clarkson to keep his job because a little workplace violence is fine if it's over creative differences like ham sandwiches. At the time of this writing 800,000 cunts agree it seems.

 James Corden

Maybe Clarkson is very British .... well at least very English as to not upset decent Brits who are not English. He wouldn't be popular in the US, people would awkwardly move away from him as they would a good ol boy who constantly said "nigger" just before ranting on about gheys.

The US gets Craig Ferguson and now James Corden who will take over on the Late late show, they are the kind of Brits who get famous in both the UK and the US because they can be likeable and intelligent, Hugh Laurie too.
Clarkson is a relic and he works that angle so the common man can relate to him, when Old Knudsen was getting his last hair cut (no back shave this time) the barber decided to talk about Clarkson and how political correctness was insane.

Old Knudsen had to interrupt him and tell him that you can't call them "coloureds," white people complaining to white people about others they don't meet in their day to day life (ethnic people are still a very small minority here) I just had to tell him how I hated everyone no matter what colour, I just wanted a fuckin haircut and not to make me look like a twat because I dislike latent racists who do all except come straight out and say "send them home" they hint around it. "I'm not racist but they aren't like us are they?" .... "I've nothing against them but they should all be made to speak English and dress proper like in tracksuits instead of burkas and turbans."

If you talk about someone and subconsciously start taking about coloureds and immigrants then guess what you are? .... For just talking about it? .. oh c'mon that's ridiculous. Yer a latent racist who just can't form an original thought so you borrow from people who come out and say it. Get angry about the NHS or the education system for fucks sake.

Maybe I'll start a petition against people starting petitions.  

Clarkson and the likes of Nigel Farage are racist enablers, that's the kind of people who support the growth of hatred without getting their hands dirty. Hitler started out with words and before you knew it the Jews were to blame for defeat in WWI and a recession. Nothing to do with the Germans being cunts. 

Talk about Craig Ferguson or James Corden and you don't wander into racism. I think I'd rather they represent the UK than Hitlerites like Clarkson.


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