Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hope For Humanity?

 The apes in the forests of North West America just wanted to live in peace.

I was listening to a very interesting fellow named Ian Morris, he studies patterns of past events and compares them to modern day to predict what will happen. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and hopefully we are not going to have another world war any time soon .... Though in theory we should.  

When the Brits ruled most of the world during the days of the Empire we gave the wogs and fuzzies a jolly good thrashing, sure there were some wars but no one went to war without Britain's say so. The world was mostly at peace but then our grip on the colonies loosened and WWI happened and the US with its nukes became the world police and again we've been mostly at peace but America has been losing its grip so people like Ian Morris thinks WWIII is around the corner.
Well we're in the depression that usually precedes war and there are many dissatisfied people using others as scapegoats for the woes of the world so why not? .... but will it be nuclear? Nah probably not.

Then there are the stoopid monkeys, or as experts call them Apes.

At one time apes and humans had a common ancestor, 6 million years ago we branched off and went our way, we humans went through some changes, we left the trees and walked upright. Our nearest ancestors the chimpanzee and the bonobo apes hung out in the trees and flung their poop etc.

Why did we evolve? I think it's because we adapt to our environment and go with what works. Ian Morris notes one thing about ape behaviour and war, he notes that the chimpanzee are warlike, vicious wee cunts. Dian Fossey studied and lived with them for years observing gang like behaviour in which chimps would attack other groups, kill the males and rape the females .... sounds familiar.

 Allah says we take your females and kill you for not praying hard enough.
Throughout history mankind has used murder and rape to oppress and force their rule onto others. All is not lost, our other closest ancestor the bonobo ape isn't a cunt like the chimp. The bonobo is a peaceful ape who prefers to have sex than fight .... yes they are lovers not fighters. We share just over 98% of our DNA with chimps and bonobo.

 Some are closer to the trees than others. 

Like I said apes do what works and sometimes war does work. Having Northern Ireland at war means money from London since they are to blame and it saves some cunts like Willie Fraser from getting a real job, he can sponge off the victims while pretending to represent them and of course young Jamie Bryson would love to be able to call the shots and lord it over someone.
Having America at war means more reasons to invest in strange places in the world and meddle in the affairs of others .... though that didn't work out very well in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen but don't worry, Iran will fix it all.

The thing is that we humans can choose to be at war or to be at peace. While evolving our diets and habits changed, we processed our foods and our bodies changed from being muscular having to put so much energy into eating that all that energy went to our heads, literally and with a large skull the brain got a chance to stretch out more.    
We are also too clever for our own good and need authority or we'll just take the piss. Maybe some people are just more chimp while others are total bonobo. Our environment changes us and we adapt to it which helps to make us either ape I suppose.

Nature and nurture we have the genes and the DNA from nature and how our environment shapes us from nurture. Nature can and will often surprise you though but humans are not born killers any more than they are born racist.


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