Friday, 13 March 2015

Harrison Ford Re-boot

After crashing his plane on an LA golf course Harrison Ford has the Hollywood executives worried. Harrison, a Hollywood icon isn't expected to make anymore decent movies but two of his characters from the 70's and 80's still capture the imagination of new generations of movie goers.

Harrison with his ex-A-list friends like Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipes for Expendables 3

With the thought of Ford dying unexpectedly, Hollywood executives are rushing through a Harrison Ford re-boot. Getting the right actor to play his role was easy, Chris Pratt did a good Han Solo on Guardians of the galaxy and became the number one choice. 

There have been many other re-boots to characters, James Bond, Dr Who, Jack Ryan, Batman, Spider man and of course Captain Kirk and Spock. Most re-boots are done before the previous actor dies so he can pass on the torch to get audiences to accept the new actor as adding him in later with CGI can be costly in legal fees. 

 Han, I love you ... yeah whatever baby.

George Lucas is already on board but rather than making the first three Star Wars movies again (don't tell me they are the last three I'm dealing in reality here) he'll CGI Chris Pratt into Han Solo and just have him doing those parts. Lucas said, "I'll shove in a whole new set of aliens and have Chris doing the lines and the smirks I had originally wanted Harrison to do but he was too much of a serious actor back then, how did that work out for ya?" Each original Star Wars movie will be at least another 80 longer after Lucas is done but we will find out who shot first.

Indiana Jones will be re-made to make the most money out of the re-boot and Harrison Ford has expressed an interest in playing Indy's father though Liam Neeson who is not expected to die soon will probably get the role as long as Indy's dad gets to hold a gun in the movie poster. 

Ford's other hits Blade runner and Witness are not expected to be re-made as experts do not predict an interest in them unless more screaming, short shorts and explosions are added. Pratt has said that he is open to wearing short shorts for any of his roles.  

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