Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Get A Head In Life

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero likes head, so much so that he says he'll be ready to do head transplants in 2 years. Someone with an incurable disease can be given a new body if you can afford it at £7.5million a go or you can just keep on getting young bodies and never die.

In 1970 US surgeons transplanted a head from one monkey onto another so why not? Well that sorta worked but the monkey couldn't move afterwards but still, high fives all round ....  stoopid monkey.

The only obstacle in the way of medical science is that they don't how how to reconnect spinal nerves to make them work again. In Old Knudsen's experience a lack of knowledge on how the body works never stopped any Doctor from doing their job.

Stephen Hawking could get a new body, with muscles like that he could punch black holes into people but could the public ever come to terms that he'd have an English accent? "In a universe of infinite possibilities, I can bench press a truck, I'm sexy and I know it, welcome to the theory of these guns baby."   

After while when the price goes down we could fuck up Daesh every time they cut off someone's head for Allah. You executed someone? ..... Then how come they are standing right beside me? Where is yer Prophet now?... Mind fuck on the sand savages!

Sex change operations will be far easier and Old Knudsen can go from being an arms dealer to a body dealer .... again.

Walt Disney might make a come back once they thaw him out, we can ask him why he wrote the words 'Kurt Russell' on a piece of paper before he died.We could also ask him why he hates parents so much that most movies have them dying. The 21st century needs his old time anti-communist values.

Well I for one cannot see any problems with this at all. Instead of the death penalty for murderers they can volunteer their body. Prisons and Children's homes could stand to make a lot of money. Soldiers wounded in battle can use any prisoners of war as compensation except that would lead to the big money makers in this deal (medical and pharmaceutical industries) to steer their nations to war with others the same colour.

Could you imagine the US or the UK going to war against Russians or some European nation? Who would kill all the brown people? We'd better crank out some more drones.

Old Knudsen has 2 years to save up for a new body, I've already seen a couple I'd like, they had better look after themselves cos I am watching them.


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