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After Life After Death

I should take a selfie before I die.

I've seen a couple of articles about people who have died for brief periods of time and come back with no experiences of lights, tunnels or Jesus holding cookies. Did their brains not know they were supposed to be flooded with hallucinogenics as near death experiences are often explained away with?

This Swedish bloke died twice, once from a motorcycle accident and the other from an accidental overdose... accidental, yeah right.  Dead for 2 minutes each time.
"Both times I was just not there. It was just all black. I would describe it as when you take a nap. A short nap with no dream, you wake up and it feels like you've been sleeping a long time, when in reality it's only been about 15 minutes"

If you think back to a nap you've had, even without a dream do you feel not there? I still feel that I exist even without memories of dreams but that is just me and that passing of time is still felt. Hardly dead then, he was still around somewhere.  

"I have always been an atheist, but I have always had a part of me that hoped there was a God or Heaven or something greater than us, I am still an atheist, and now I know that there is no such thing as God or Heaven. At least not for me."

Those atheists and their smug certainties, why is it so difficult for them to realise that there maybe things they don't know? It's as bad as Gog botherers saying they know everything because Gog did it.

Another woman had some odd medical condition that stopped her heart 30 odd times a year, she said there was darkness .
Are journalists just not asking the right questions or did the people who died get brain damage? If you saw darkness and were aware of it then you obviously still existed even while dead. Being there in yer conscience surrounded by darkness, maybe you were in an other worldly broom closet.

If you take an old dog in to be put down, that dog will curl up as if asleep because it is ready to go. I don't think these people were ready to go or that it just wasn't their time. Maybe they had to make the press with their stories so I had to write this post that someone will read by accident 2 years from now and it will resonate with their own experience and they will be comforted ..... That right there is why shit happens and the meaning of life. We just deny shit exists because we aren't given all the answers.
"Well there is no life after death because once you switch off the body that is that"  ... just like how you switch off yer car the clock stops working, no wait it doesn't. Well those who died and got fuck all have the wrong drugs flooding their brains then.

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro  died for 45 minutes ... not 2 minutes or 30 odd times for a couple of minutes but for 45 fucking minutes. Her pulse stopped while she was having a cesarean section and suffered an amniotic fluid embolism and after 45 minutes they were unable to bring her back and were just about to call death when she spontaneously revived. 

She re-calls a tunnel and a spiritual being who she said was her father and she felt at peace, classic near death experience. While the Swedish bloke is comforted that there is no afterlife so he'll make living count from now on, Rudy says that you do not have to fear death because there is something. 

Miracles do happen and Rudy is one of them as she suffered no lasting damage from being dead for so long and her daughter has a mother. 

In studies carried out in 1977 on near death experiences (NDE) from all different cultures and countries and religions, 91% re-call meeting loved ones. 
The Lancet in 2001 listed 344 patients who were successfully resuscitated after suffering cardiac arrest, 62 (18%) had a memory of loved ones and 41 (12%) experienced an out of body experience. 

Half of those 62 people knew they were dead but no one felt distressed. Some have them and some don't, a flood of the bodies' drugs to ease death doesn't really match up if so many people get nothing.

Of course your culture will dictate what you see, a Hindu isn't going to see Jesus or an angel, you see what you know or expect. 
That doesn't mean you are fooling yourself that just means it's what yer tiny mind can relate to as the universe is huge and mind blowing. If Old Knudsen was to think about God he wouldn't think of an old white dude, his mind wouldn't think of a physical being but rather the vast expanse of the universe and the billions upon billions of dimensional possibilities of everywhere at once .... no wonder we create gods, how can we talk or relate to everything? A god is like a telephone to connect to a bigger power, some get better signals than others.  

True story time.

Old Knudsen doesn't just make stuff up, he talks from his own experience too. On one of the few days he went to school he was standing one morning in the assembly hall waiting for the teacher to come out on stage and do the daily morning gog bothering shite. It was hot, the kids were noisy, as I stood there alone not talking to anyone I lost my vision. I stood there blind, I listened for a voice I recognized and called out to him telling him I was blind and needed help.

He took me to a teacher who told him and his mate to take me outside for air, as I left the hall I could see myself from the other side of the school lobby being guided out on both sides by these two boys. 

It was a fleeting experience but I recall looking at myself, I was still me at the other side of the room and not at all afraid. It was a lot to take in and I did so at a later time. My vision came back when I got some cool air but we stayed out to miss assembly since we had a good excuse.    

I wasn't dead but now I know that the soul exists. I didn't know what an out of body experience (OBE) was at that time but I certainly had one.  

The only feelings I had was A)I was me, I still existed and B) more curious than anything. If I had not had this OBE then my belief system would be that of an atheist who demanded proof, I got my own proof. 
I cannot convince a die hard skeptic nor do I need to, they might not experience a lot of things themselves that doesn't mean they don't happen and I know I'm not lying or delusional. 

If I had not seen a pale white head of a boy wearing thick rimmed NHS glasses pop up over a wall and then down again when no one was there I might not believe in ghosts or other spirits. I've seen many other spirits or beings that weren't "fully" there since then and the skeptic in me always looks for evidence of the mundane. 

Being a natural skeptic does hold me back a little .... trust issues? ach I have a ton of them but I know that other shit exists and just because we can't see of touch it doesn't mean a thing, we ain't all that anyways.    

Sometimes I just know things, I don't know if the Heaven and Hell crap exists, sounds far fetched to me as do gods on Mount Olympus but I do know that Heaven and Hell exists within each of us which is why we need to work on our issues and problems in this life and lessen our pain. I do know that there is a soul and there is something after death.

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