Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A War President

I've seen a meme a couple of times asking you to LIKE and SHARE if you think that all US Presidents should serve in the military and I'm wondering why anyone thinks that is an important quality. 
When G W Bush wasn't going AWOL from his reserve unit he did serve. He got the US into two un-winnable wars that outlasted his two terms. 
You can attack Afghanistan but you'll never be able to hold it, learn from Alexander the great, the British and the Soviets on that one ... and a war there is just not worth it. Iraq had a brutal regime, but so did many other countries, they also didn't have weapons of mass destruction so what the fuck GW? 

Here is a newsflash for you, there are many, many dumb as fuck people serving and have served in the military. Nothing in the military prepares you for running a country, that is up to what kind of person you are. The military prepares you for war, no not armies unless yer a General but how to kill individuals. 
A leader should be trying to avoid war as much as possible rather than charging in on some personal vendetta. 

Remember Lieutenant Norman Dike from Band of Brothers? Did making him serve in the military make his shite not stink? Band of brothers was based on true events and people, this guy was described as being 'an empty uniform' as he was just passing time until he got out and used his military service as an election tool.

Captain Sobel from Band of Brothers certainly saved lives with his tough training but he was a total dick while doing it. Should he have been president? 

If General MacArthur had been the president during the Korean war he'd have nuked China but Truman said no. I'm sorry to break it to you but military people are just human, it's stupid to broad stroke them as being better or having more insight. 
Senator Tom Cotton is a yellow lantern. 

Senator Tom Cotton drafted the letter to Iran warning them that when Obama leaves office the senators who hold the real power will still be there so any agreements made now don't matter because you can't trust the US government to stick to treaties ... ask an injun. 

This Harvard graduate who served in Iraq is a moron, a fucking nimrod, ding a ling a Knuckle-head McSpazatron. He sends a letter about a nuclear arms program that doesn't even exist and he broke the chain of command making America look really foolish in the eyes of its potential enemies. Just to get his name out there.

Do you think that he is qualified to be president? 

Obama inherited a lot of shit from Bush and while he has damaged relations with Israel, Russia and the UK he has not started any new wars .... yet. 

The people attracted to the Presidency are usually type A personalities, I'm pretty sure the 'A' stands for arsehole as who else but someone full of themselves would want to be the preez? George Washington was probably the only reluctant president as everyone else went after the position. 

We've had soldiers, civvies, an almost black dude and now we wait to have a female president. America has been involved in some kind of conflict longer than it has been at peace, maybe that is something people should be worried about instead of whether or not the president can do push ups and shine boots.      

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