Friday, 20 February 2015

The World Will End In March 2015

 The world exploding may have a harmful effect on the environment.

The large hadron collider has been off since 2013 to get the dead monkeys out of the filters and such but in March 2015 it is to be switched on again for an experiment that scientists will say will 'rock your work' it will have 60% more power and will be bigger and harder!
Who knows what would happen if you created a black hole in a lab underground in Switzerland? The scientists don't know but it might be cool to find out.

Larger and more powerful, 60,000 new cores and more than 100 petabytes of memory and 1,000 TV channels.

They are trying to find The God Particle which is what God used to create the universe with, though God didn't have rubber, plastic or metal alloys to build with he had some cool dark matter particles which he would make tables and birds out of. He used a form of divine photoshop and freely admitted in the Bible that he created creatures like the duck-billed platypus after quite a few drinks. 

He spent a lot of time on titties but ended up hating what he had become .... ghey issues I bet. The Norse and Greek gods didn't have too much of a gender barrier but God, totally in denial.

Professor Stephen Hawking took time away from drooling to say, "In a world of infinite possibilities, we are totally fucked in March" he said that space and time could collapse and "could destroy the universe"  .... a little vague there roller boy. He went onto advise people to go and see his movie, The theory of everything while they still had time. 

Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson who doesn't have a movie has played it safer and has only suggested that they might blow up the planet and do they really know what they are doing? .... He sounds like me everytime I go and see a doctor.

The other expert in the holy trinity of TV scientists Bill Nye .... the science guy gave a comment though he seemed very busy, "The end is Nye motherfuckers!"

It seems that Nye has been building a space ship on and off since 1982 and has increased his activity after his famous evolution debate with creationist Ken Ham when he muttered something about not wanting to be on this planet any more.  

"I'm blasting the fuck outta here, when they switch that puppy on there will be an inter-dimensional rip which will allow angels to materialize in our world, you really don't want angels to come through, not only are they bullet proof but they are soul-less and don't care who they kill... total douchebags."  

According to Nye it was angels who wiped out the neanderthals as they were part of God's failed breeding experiment and would only weaken the new stock if they interbred. Some did escape which goes to explain Conservatives, the Russians and many sporting stars.    

Nye also revealed that his ship is powered by angel essence from an angel he caught in 1978 which he keeps shackled and sedated.

Nye already had his team of astronauts selected and when Old Knudsen jokingly asked if he could join then, Nye said that he wouldn't pass the physical .... no idea what he meant by that. 

Will the world collapse explode or melt? Will they will find inter-dimensional beings who have a taste for human flesh and humanities destruction? as it has been suggested by other great minds. 

Old Knudsen is at the point where he doesn't really care. Humans cannot play well together. I just hope that if a black hole occurs, it'll happen over the Middle east cos those people have really inherited the cunt gene from Cain.  

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