Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Walking Saturday

When the zombie apocalypse comes Old Knudsen plans to be the best walker ever! I likes me meat.

The walking dead TV show seems to kill off all its black dudes with stupid 'hey watch out' bites. Only Daryl Dixon has job security in that show, if he was killed off there would be a riots.   

This guy who plays the Penguin in that awful Gotham TV show reprised his small role on TWD. His short scene had no dialogue and he was executed with a baseball bat ..... Blondes also have a habit of karking it too.  

Chris Brown and Dennis Rodman would be super fucked.

Don't worry Tyreese you'll be fine ....... He is sooo fucked!

Rick gets to have a daughter (really Shane's kid) but if the Governor wants to keep his walker daughter in a cage so he can bring her out to brush her hair in his room full of head tanks, people judge.

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