Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Future Is Bleak

The first thing you need to understand is that change is a part of nature so what humans are doing to the planet is natural as humans are also a part of nature. Nothing is destroyed completely it just changes so don't worry about the end of the world, it might just be the end of humanity who then become nutrients for the soil and food for the roaches and flies, the planet will still be here in some form.

Comforting huh. 

 It was bad enough to make you cry.

I watched yon movie Interstellar and what a long boring silly flick that was. It touched upon the future of mankind and the running out of food, the only crop left was corn. Education in schools has become all Texas like as they change the text books cos no one really believes that man landed on the moon in 1969 ... that is just crazy talk and science and engineering gets blames for the state of the world.

Matthew McConaughey is a test pilot/astronaut who has become a farmer as there is no need for astronauts any more. Can you believe him as a farmer or an astronaut more? I've never heard astronauts sound like they'd be more comfortable line dancing than flying into space but it's a movie. 

Matt Damon is a scientist shot off to colonize a planet but he ended up going into cryo-sleep when his rations started to run out ... he had plenty of fat to live off, a right chubby figure in his larger than McConaughey's space suit, like I said it was just a movie, you don't get fat hick scientists and astronauts. 

 Head size going critical, will break the helmet in 5, 4, 3 ..... 
McConaughey's head amazed me more than anything, so large, tanned and guant, like it was mummified.   

The future is what I want to talk about, not this shite movie. 

Scientists are predicting a mega drought in the US as there seems to be no sign of the current drought in the south west ending. Think of the dust bowl of the 1930's but all over. The droughts that lasted for 40 -50 years in the 1100's and 1200's were quite mild compared to this.

Yeah lets build more gold courses, bigger cities, not collect rain water etc ... it's madness. Monsanto want to own the patent on all seeds grown and provide all the harmful chemicals to help your plants grow as they are a business who deal in money and profit, not the well being of the Earth.

Corn is being grown more and more as corn syrup is used in almost every food, it may make you fat and fuck up yer guts but we buy it because sugar is bad! and more expensive.  Also corn is being used for alternative fuel. Think what would happen if everyone in the US started to grow corn, not only would there be less food but the land would become less fertile and over worked and we'd be open to blight and germ resistant insects thanks to the pesticides .... Think potato famine. A crop that many were dependent on that died.

What happens to the rest of the world? Climate change makes places like Serbia become mild and pleasant places to live, China who makes everything will soon own everything but those cunts will pollute their land which is why we can't have nice things. So many people there and not an opinionated voice of dissent to be heard ... enjoy yer free speech while you can. 

Right now Russia cannot feed its people and has been swapping MIG fighter planes with Argentina for beef.
North Korea is a prime example of a paranoid insular cuntry that develops controlling its people than finding ways of feeding them. All the little farmers are now getting overwhelmed by orders that are beyond their capability to fill.  
The US has long been a champion of freedom of speech ... it's in their constitution. Going back to GW Bush he enacted laws that stopped any free speech in the name of national security. Over the years many leaders have stopped free speech and the freedom of the press from Lincoln to FDR and Churchill, each during a war as that makes sense right?

Now we find ourselves continually at war but not really at war. State run news services and politically slanted media outlets keep us in a perpetual state of war, at the moment it's with Al Qaeda and *Daesh* and maybe even with the reds under the beds in the Ukraine.   

Governments find it easy to stifle the people during a war. Every new atrocity brings in more national security laws that say they are to protect you. France, UK, Canada, Australia and of course the US are bringing in more and more laws to stop the media from reporting what the government doesn't like you to see and a vague comment on Facebook can have peelers knocking at yer door.

Obama has expanded all of GW Bush's domestic spy programs and drones strikes into something that has become normal policy. Some military aged males in Yemen, might be terrorists .... better take them out.

All that info you complain that Facebook is using gets stored by the government just in case, it saves them from having files on every single person, you are making the files yourself. Social media is one of the first things that get checked by authorities ... thank you for yer input. No point in deleting, nothing really gets deleted on the Interwebs.

 I heard Elvis was suicided by aliens. 

Old Knudsen scans various news outlets as the truth behind the stories is often masked by distraction. An atheist kills 3 Muslims and people fixate on religion but in reality he was a gun owning nutter obsessed about people parking in his parking space.

Education for the masses is being dumbed down, the UK says it wants all pupils to know their times tables by the time they get to high school, if not then they penalize the schools. Sounds more like a control issue rather than an educational one.

In order to control the people we need less education and more jumping through hoops and worrying about other things, when you don't have any feet you don't really have to worry about shoes now do you?
Those with money will have an education because there are just too many people anyway, time to gently cull for the future. So much potential being wasted but the underclasses will be the enemy in years to come, all this Muslim crap is just rehearsals and to keep everyone at a war time mentality.


 This guy is smart, you'll listen to him.

The troops in body bags are because we invaded two countries and not the one that most of the 9/11 guys came from because that is an ally. More shit is going on because we support Israel, we are making the majority of our own problems. 

When you invade a cuntry by going in and shooting all around you the people of that cuntry fight back and support comes from many places, it's cause and effect. The Parachute regiment shoot dead some Catholics on Bloody Sunday and all of a sudden the IRA have more support and become a worthy enemy to attack. The same happened with Al Qaeda and now Daesh. 

Of course Chris Kyle the American sniper is going to call the Iraqis "savages" he invaded their cuntry and went around shooting them, he is not going to see them at their best. Sand nigger is racist, savage or towel head is acceptable, stop nit picking and use yer brain for once.     

Governments hire consultants and think tanks before they do a lot of things, they actually do put thought into what they do how scarey is that? 

The future is a place of famine, disease and war. Only those with money can survive while the populous are distracted by selfies. Like now but eventually a lot worse.

If people are so afraid of vaccines for measles and ghey marriage right now do you they'll get any more intelligent in the future?  

Less clean drinking water is available and getting less and less each year, less food because the plants need clean water to grow. Societies need crops, that is what changed humans from hunter gatherers to civilized people with selfie sticks.

We'll likely go back to hunting and meat but poor animal care will taint the food chain. Food riots will be controlled easily as no one has guns. The US have guns but not anything that could actually take on the government. What the people say and do will be controlled and trouble makers will be cut out so they don't infect the others.

Billions will be spent in wars in butt fuck sand world while the people back home deal with cuts. People will go to Mars and will die in a very costly experiment to build a home away from home for the elite. You don't send poverty stricken chavs to Mars.

So much is not being done to protect the environment, sure people may dismiss you and call you a hippy but they ain't too bright and can't see past their coffee and microwavable dinner.

Things are running out and science can both save us or doom us, depending on how it is used. We need to change and not keep working for profit and gain. Suppressing free speech will get you no where except a life in denial in which you take offense when an actor says, "coloured" by mistake or someone compares Pharrell to a flying monkey .... the real issues huh.

Oh no, he's black and got compared to a monkey, yeah cos white people are not at all ape or monkey like even though we are all cousins. I'm obviously racist cos I can see the similarity. What is it with him and stoopid hats?  

 Except this isn't racist. 

It's all natural whatever we do but how about trying to do the right thing for a change? Is it too late anyways? ... It is if you don't start reducing, reusing and recycling. It is too late if you go gentle into that good night, you must rage, rage against the dying of the light and don't let the cunts silence yer voice. 

*Daesh, a derogatory name for ISIS* 


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