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The Eight Witches Of Island Magee

A modern day Wiccan witch probably called Raven Morgan Le Fey Moonglow.

The Island Magee witches of 1711 are thought to have been the last witches to stand trial in Ireland.

In Ireland the only witches they had were butter witches, not because they were big meaty wagons (real witches have curves) but because they enjoyed stealing diary products. A way to rid yerself of a butter witch that milks yer cow on the sly is to boil some of that cow's milk with 9 pins in it and these cause the witch pain, she'll usually vow to leave yer cow alone if you take the pot off the boil.

The evil witches who possess people in the name of evil came over from Scotland with the Scottish settlers as witch hunting was very popular in Scotland and England.

Island Magee is still the arse end of nowhere full of suspicious Protestant types who see religion and flute bands as the thing that defines them as people .... not too deep or educated is what I'm getting at.

The story goes that a young lass named Mary Dunbar went to Island Magee from Belfast to keep her cousin Mrs James Haltridge company as her mother in-law had died under mysterious and probably supernatural circumstances.
Soon Miss Dunbar started issuing threats, shouting, swearing, blaspheming and throwing Bibles .... typical Belfast fishwife milly behaviour these days but then it was seen as demonic possession.

She'd go into a fit every time a clergyman came near her and vomited items such as pins, buttons, nails and glass .... again, things yer likely to find stuck in the batter of yer KFC but not so normal back then.
I go into a fit when some cunts knock me door and talk to me about Jesus ... you interrupted my wank for that? I also feel ill when someone puts god bothering shit up on Facebook.  

She had a vision of 8 weemen who came to her and attacked her in spectral form which was certainly to be seen as clear evidence of witchcraft. Unlike Old Knudsen's visions they were fully clothed and not making out.

So the authorities rounded up the usual suspects. These were women who may of had a "reputation" already. They were poor, some were disabled and some like a drink or two in public which was frowned upon. 30 weemen were taken to a blind folded Miss Dunbar and touched her, whoever gave Mary the willys was then obviously a witch.

 Merry meet! .... fuck off ya Wiccan tree hugger.

Janet Mean of Braid-island, Janet Latimer Irish-quarter, Carrickfergus, Janet Millar Scotch-quarter, Carrickfergus, Margaret Mitchel Kilroot, Catharine M'Calmond, Janet Liston, alias Seller, Elizabeth Seller, and Janet Carson from Island Magee.

The witch hunter, Mayor of Carrickfergus who ensured the proceedings took place was named Edward Clements .... an ancestor of Samuel Clements (Mark Twain).

It was said in defense of the women that they were sober, industrious people, who attended public worship. Mary Dunbarr couldn't give further evidence against them as the witches had struck her dumb ... those evil hoors!  

Judge Upton sentenced them guilty! They would spend a year in prison and would stand in the pillory four times in Carrickfergus. They means the stocks, they'd be pelted with rotten vegetables, sometimes so hard that one of the weemen had her eye knocked out.   

They weren't hanged or burned. In Scotland 3,800 witches had been brought to justice with 3/4 of them being strangled or burned to death, in England and Ireland they would have been hanged.

It was hardly ever men but if the Scots/Irish had a grudge with anyone (they always did) then witchcraft is a fine excuse, nowadays they'll point and yell Fenian bastard since Catholicism is the same as witchcraft in the small brain of the Ulster/Scot. 

Scots/Irish is the name everyone knows Protestant Northern Ireland people as, they rebranded themselves Ulster/Scot as they have issues about being Irish. 

The local authority of Larne has proposed placing a small plaque and plants in the area of the Gobbins Visitor Centre in Island Magee. A nice little memorial to mark the suffering of these women and all the others during the burning times.

 "Witches are a great concern for the degradation of society and probably climate change"

However TUV (a Unionist politician twat) Alderman Jack McKee has said that such a thing was anti-god and that he couldn't support it.

Mr McKee's faith is soo weak and unsure that some weemen accused of witchcraft in the 1700's might cause him to doubt himself ....  The Bible is full of bullshit? Why did I waste so much time on this, I'm free!

According to minutes of a council meeting in January, Mr McKee said he “could not tell whether or not the women had been rightly or wrongly convicted as he didn’t have the facts and was not going to support devil worship”.

So he doesn't have the facts and yet he's going to denounce them of devil worship, just to be on the safe side? This man is in local politics, people actually voted for this tool. Yes there was more devil worship back then you see, now we have camera phones and science which has kept Satan at bay.

He also doesn't have the facts as to why unicorns weren't on the Ark, maybe their horns were too dangerous in such cramped conditions, if only rubber tips had been invented back then. I suppose that God had a lot on his mind to think of everything.  

Chief executive Geraldine McGahey mentioned Martina Devlin’s book on the subject and how the women had been convicted “on what appeared to be very flimsy evidence” remember, it was based on a vision from an 18 year-old woman who was new to the area.

The statue of the sea god ManannĂ¡n Mac Lir which did not become a shrine to pagans, in fact it was Christian cunts who took more of an interest when they stole it.

McKee claimed the plaque would become a “shrine to paganism” much like how churches are a shrine to Christians who were the ones doing the burning, hanging and strangling .... a nasty lot.  Pagans like trees an shit, not markers to some event that didn't even take place on that site.

Mr McKee, don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry .. you probably wouldn't like me anyway as I'd never vote for a moron like you, giving Larne a bad name by reminding everyone what a backwards hole it is.

Northern Ireland needs to cash in on more than The Troubles and yon ship that sunk, there weren't that many witch trials in Ireland hence all that shit came from the outsiders like the Scots and the English so embrace what we had, these were real people who suffered.

Mckee is a prime example of everything that is wrong with this place, old uneducated men at the top putting religion first and making policy based on that. They are always quick to be against something different as change and anything new scares them.

Do you really think they were witches Mr McKee? Be careful as there are witches here and if you get the attention of the wrong one then you might end up barfing pins.  

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