Friday, 13 February 2015

The Criminalization Of Christianity

This is the documentary that everyone should see. It highlights a deadly danger to America and if America falls then the rest of the world will topple soon after that. I've just seen the trailer but I am psyched about seeing the movie, Oscar worthy for sure. 

What is this danger? Gangs? ISIS? Drugs? Meteors? Fracking? .... no, it's worse than that, it's ghey people getting married. If ghey people get married they'll have loads of ghey children and soon there will be more ghey kids than straight, think about the shortage of manly sports being played, soon it will be nothing but tennis and golf .... yuck!

 Janet Porter wants to watch you dogging.

With Liberals there is a 40% chance that you'll find yerself talking to an idiot, that percentage jumps to a staggering 98% when you are dealing with Conservatives. The 2% Know they are evil and rely on the 98% to vote them into office, nothing stupid about them, they just play stupid on TV.    

" I’m Janet Porter. I was in the dark about the radical agenda to silence the truth. But after years of research and observation, there is no longer any doubt. As I wrote in ‘the Criminalization of Christianity,’ if they can silence the truth, they will silence the gospel."

Porter, a former right wing radio talk host wants to warn you about the gheys who want to assault your freedoms (without the use of lube) and she means to shed some light on how we can use the freedoms that we have left. I've no idea why she is wandering about a forest in the dark, maybe she is out to expose some people dogging too. 
Mike Huckabee the former governor of Arkansas and constant presidential hopeful (in his mind) is angry about how the gheys are persecuting Christians.

"What kind of freedom of speech do we have, if a person who expresses a biblical viewpoint about marriage is told they can’t open their business in a location?"

Good point, except you actually want to discriminate against queers and withhold services, not very Christian (love thy neighbour ) and US law prevents you from discriminating. You are being stopped from bullying and discriminating against faggots by using the Bible to do so, boo hoo. Stop being a dick then you won't have any trouble. You are free to talk about discriminating all you like, you just can't do it.

I can talk about how I want to cut up hookers and keep their heads in my fridge but due to technicalities in the law of this cuntry I can't do it, I have to travel to Turkey or Thailand to express myself, it just isn't fair, is it Mike?  

One smug cunt said, "You believe I'm being intolerant as I believe the Bible standards, are you not being intolerant saying that there is something wrong with me for believing the bible?"

I don't think anyone said there was something wrong with you for believing in the Bible, that should go without saying. I believe that people who poke their noses into the lives of others and tell them that how they are living is sinful and they have no right to be happy or to get married is the one who is being intolerant .... I may be wrong though, ach who am I kidding? I'm never wrong.  

If homosexuals get everything they want it's nothing less than the criminalization of Christianity. 

So to prevent them from getting what they want we must ban feather boas, pop music, show tunes and wee foo foo dogs. Vegetables and food that isn't bacon needs to go too.

"If someone is told at school it's ok to be gay and then comes down with a fatal disease as a result, school officials should be held legally liable." 

I don't know who he is but slaphead there has a point. I read on the BBC that a boy was  told that it was ok for him to be ghey by a substitute teacher who didn't know any better and 8 years later that boy died from cancer. The teacher didn't get prosecuted and is in fact still teaching. Don't worry, Old Knudsen trolls him online and makes his life a living Hell, it's the least I could do for whats his name.

Another expert in this film added:

"It's not about marriage it's about forcing the acceptance of homosexuality on people."

First it was black people and now it's gheys .... what's next immigrants? Old Knudsen accepts nothing! They tried to tell me that science was fact but they had no proof, just numbers and big werds. 

This lad can foresee the future and it's like Nazi Germany. 'They 'll silence you about homosexuality and that is just the start, don't underestimate them, they'll silence you on the whole gospel.' 

So to stop America becoming like Nazi Germany we should maybe blame the gheys on everything and put them into death camps or something, well at least take away their human rights.

Iran has the right idea, they execute gheys, yes America, lets be like Iran or even Saudi Arabia who stone their gheys to death. Ach sure isn't Islam just Christianity with a tea towel on its head.

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