Saturday, 21 February 2015

Spawning Some Memes

A week late but Daryl Dixon doesn't let convention dictate his actions, he is romantic when he fucking well decides to be .... and yeah he may have forgotten last week.

William Shatner is set to be 84 on March 22nd, the only pussy he gets now is the one that curled up and died on top of his head. 

Oh no, the vaccination made Sulu gay! Why that is nearly as bad as being autistic .... Anti-vaxers, just fuck off and die, take yer diseases with you.

Since drones are now a part of the world the US are selling them to other countries. Saudi Arabia have shown an interest, probably to get all those evil bloggers and female drivers. 

I bet Ed Miliband the leader of the Labour party has a really sexy 'O' face, imagine that bearing down on you. 

I could never eat facing him.

This episode was called The Cage .... Keep it in the cage Captain Pike.

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