Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sarah Palin Backs Hillary Clinton For White House Run

In a surprise move, Sarah Palin the former governor of Alaska and failed 2008 Republican Vice Presidential running mate has come out and has given her support for Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016. She held high her 'I'm ready for Hillary' car magnet which then went onto raise $25,000 in sales for the Hillary cause .... no shit, that happened.

"Y'all need a woman running the country and if it can't be me then it might as well be Hillary, she has more than enough balls to fill Obamer's shoes."

Obviously using old timey metaphors and back woods wisdom there. Davey Crockett could allegedly fill a pair of cowboy boots with his balls which were described as, 'being as smooth as pebbles on a beach.'

Palin has given up on the White House ever since her Twitter followers blasted her for letting her son stand on their dog to reach the kitchen counter. She said that the dog didn't mind it but she also used that line of reasoning for hunting deer, suggesting that the deer might enjoy a bullet between the eyes.

You'd think that politicians would learn, never pick up anything that the Internet can use against you. 

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