Friday, 27 February 2015

No Sense? Then Go Into Politics

Jon Stewart has said that he is leaving the brilliant Daily Show because after 16 years of non-stop stupidity from the right wing Conservatives he feels as if it's aged him. Old Knudsen can understand that which is why he doesn't do too much Northern Ireland stuff .... it's stupid and hateful. 

Faux News have said how nasty Stewart's attacks have been but when you say things like "Far more children died last year drowning in their bathtubs than were killed accidentally by guns." - Tucker Carlson, Aug. 9, 2014.


"The president of the United States will be taking a trip over to India that is expected to cost the taxpayers $200 million a day." - Michele Bachmann, Nov. 3, 2010

Well yer asking to be mocked. These were taken from The Daily Show's 50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds article.

Nelson McCauseland from the DUP in Northern Ireland. The DUP are on the same level and share the same ideologies as The Republican Party with the exception of firearms as this is 'oh no guns scare me cos I'm a pussy' Europe.  

Though they would have guns if they could, here is the DUP leader Peter Robinson. 

The DUP want Northern Ireland to be a religious winter wonderland (their religion, Protestantism) and are the ruling party, sharing the top spot with their Nemesis Sinn Fein. The bitching and the sniping stops any real work getting done as they accuse each other of doing what they themselves are doing.
Recently the DUP wanted the Conscience Clause put into law which would allow people to discriminate against homos, blacks, chicks with dicks and the like if it went against their belief system, Sinn Fein blocked it.
The DUP then claimed they were not against gheys only to have the Internet answer with the 33 times the DUP have tried to cure, ban or go back to making gheys illegal. The Conscience Clause and anti-abortion issue are two things that the DUP and the Catholic church actually agree with yet Sinn Fein is against both.

Seeing the similarity between the DUP and the GOP yet?

McCauseland wrote  an article in that blog disguised as a newspaper The Belfast Telegraph on how you shouldn't be fooled by the words of Sinn Fein but look at their actions.

 Former DUP leader Ian Paisley doing what he did.

Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein has said, 'we'll break the bastards with equality'  meaning that the thing that the DUP fear most is the modern world without no one to oppress. McCauseland side steps the issue of equality and denounces it as a tactic because Sinn Fein want to name a play park after IRA terrorist Raymond McCreesh.
I have no idea if that's McCauseland's favourite park. It's in butt fuck Newry and is one of the places  we in the military would call Bandit country. It's Sinn Fein territory just as Newtownabbey is Protestant.
While in Newtownabbey (the place that bans plays) they have a park they voted to name Prince William play park ... that name might be offensive in Newry. Yes someone did suggest naming it after one of the Shankill Butcher gang but they were told to wise up.     

McCreesh never killed anyone except himself after going on a hunger strike. Some may see him as a hero but he will be known as a terrorist by history. McCauseland wants Sinn Fein to admit that the IRA struggle against the British army was illegal by getting them to back down over this name, they aren't going to do that, would the DUP admit guilt at what they and their followers have done?

Ian Paisley never murdered anyone .... directly, like Charles Manson he incited people to murder and then gets made into a lord and gets to rule over Northern Ireland. 

McCauseland is right that actions speak louder than words, his own actions show that he awards building contracts to friends and is bitter enough to waste funding on a made up language 'Ulster/Scots' just so his side are getting something that the Catholics are getting for the Irish language. Tit for tat politics just like the 30 years of tit for tat terrorist murders.

You shouldn't name parks after criminals nor have memorials to them (both sides do) but naming a park after some dead paramilitary dirt-bag is a lot different to denying the human rights to living, breathing law abiding people.

It's typical hate focused logic of the DUP or the GOP to get these issues confused as they try to distract away from their own hate filled agenda. I'm surprised that Jon Stewart lasted 16 years as just looking at Nelson McCauseland's article in the paper has me reaching for my service revolver.


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