Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nipples For Charity

I read this story in the Belfast Telegraph online in which it said that people all across Northern Ireland were taking a New year dip in the cold ocean for charity.

Photos of attractive gurls with not much clothes on often generates interest in a story for Old Knudsen that he may have otherwise have missed .... yes I hates meself for being so shallow but after a few pics I get over that.

Whitley bay.

I looked at the above picture and thought, 'good looking shapely weemen, where in Northern Ireland are they from?' It turns out that these lassies were in England ... aye that's about right. For a moment I was impressed with the lack of fake tans, blonde bleached hair and mannish features.

Helen Slater has really let herself go a bit. 

No, this was what Northern Ireland had to offer. While I'm sure she has a nice personality and is quite jolly I don't want to see her gasping in an erotica way at the cold water as her nips pop up like corks.

Yes, DC does turn Old Knudsen off.

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