Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Join The UDA

Butt fuck Carrickfergus is the town where the UDA have decided to start their aggressive (always aggressive) recruiting campaign.
The Loyalist paramilitary group want to change their image from a sectarian drug dealing criminal gang into a successful sectarian drug dealing criminal gang so they are putting up murals in Loyalist areas to make sure that the young people there know that there are real opportunities where they can travel and form lasting friendships in a fulfilling part-time job .... Hope the word job doesn't scare anyone away, they will be paid in smuggled cigarettes if paid at all.

Of course the travel is usually in stolen cars and the friendships are all the prison ghey you can eat. Seriously you'd have to have been raised on a diet of lead paint to think that joining any paramilitary criminal gang was a good idea. So tough yet none of them join the 'actual' military, marching in a band with a costume on giving everyone dirty looks only highlights yer insecurities that you try so hard to mask ... I just want to hug yous, did I say hug? I meant sterilize or neuter.    

I hope they are able to get better artists cos that is shite. Put up not far from a Primary school they are obviously going the way of Hamas and Al Qaeda who brainwash the children into hating at an early age.
Carrickfergus is known as the Florida of the north as it is full of young criminals and old people waiting to die. It's the place you don't notice on the way to Larne to get the ferry the fuck out of here.  

Protestants in the Republic of Ireland actually do pretty well for themselves on average and have a higher standard of living (and certainly education) than those up north ... hardly on their knees, this isn't prison, get off yer knees and wipe yer chin. 

Better to live on benefits than have to werk .... join the UDA ....  if yer Ma will let ya.

We don't want no UDA, we say no to prison ghey!   

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