Monday, 16 February 2015

John McCain Speaks With Forked Tongue

I don't like politicians and their PR image spin. Hilary and Bill Clinton texted lovey dovey cutesy messages on Valentine day and all the Liberals go awww. If they were really a loving couple they'd be together and not texting, sooo fake!

Just like John McCain, the former Nam POW should have a better insight into war than most but his experiences did not change him. He'll use his military service and the odd wristband to support the troops while at the same time voting against much needed veteran healthcare bills.

If you are going to send troops off to get killed, maimed and psychologically damaged then at least look after them properly when they return and look after their families ... that is the least you can do.

He doesn't think that the President should be restrained when fighting Daesh ... How much does he know I wonder.

Daesh have and will continue to be trained and funded in part by the CIA. Most of their funding comes from the UAE but the CIA will train them under the guise of training moderate Muslims because over throwing Assad is the main goal.  Don't get distracted by the executions, they need to be that bad in order for Obama to go all out.

ISIS or Daesh as I like to call them are using us and we are using them. The US doesn't want to be too successful nor does it want outsiders not fully in on it to interfere. That is why the US didn't try to rescue American hostages on intel given to them by the UK.

John McCain may be a vet, but he doesn't have veteran's best wishes at heart, he also breaks treaties with Native Americans so he can drill on their land. He'd fit in nicely in the 1800's since he doesn't care who dies or who gets shafted, just as long as the dirty savages don't win.      

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