Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Healthcare Is Not That Difficult

Vladimir Putin put the medical community to shame after becoming a trained physician when he watched 10 seasons of Grey's anatomy back to back. He was quoted as saying, "how difficult can it be?" just before entering the operating theater to operate on a woman with depression.

After a 3 hour op he declared that he had cut out all the depression and ordered the top of her head to be re-attached while he grabbed some lunch.
The woman can be seen recovering and smiling in the photo. In fact she did nothing else but smile right up until her death, Putin put her death down to bad timing as God must have been going to take her anyway but at least she died happy .... she didn't know her name but she died happy. 

Dr Putin then performed a miracle. A patient was terminally ill with Man-flu, Putin suggested that the dying man be given something to be allowed to die with dignity. Within minutes the patient was up and about.

David Cameron was not to be outdone by Putin and went on a morale boasting tour of NHS hospitals and to show that they didn't really deserve a pay rise.
He was able to free up some beds by getting rid of 'time wasters' and showed that if nurses did their jobs better then they too could have a better work experience, he found time to have a tea break and check his phone so why can't they?   
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg added, "David you are so wonderful."

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