Saturday, 28 February 2015

Goodbye Mister Spock

Was the stupidity of the Internet too much for Spock? His last words were, "the dress is white and gold, make them believe."

Leonard Nimoy was always interesting to watch and could have you taking a guy with pointy ears and inscrutable eyebrows that bordered on racism seriously. Old Knudsen still watches the original series of Star Trek and the loss of Spock though inevitable, is still a kind of shock.

Even in the Star Trek re-boot and Fringe over the last couple of years he was lending his gravitas to those roles thus making the movies and shows ever so much better. 

Spock understood that the way of the universe is constant change and while we feel a sense of loss when many of those changes occur we should not be stuck in the past as there is always still shit to do. Spock wouldn't give up, that would be illogical.

We've lost Bones and Scotty already but Spock was the man ... well the half man though that is still more of a man than most.

In 1995 he signed my copy of 'I am Spock' and said a classy very actor like thank you in that deep booming voice of his.

No Mister Spock, thank you.

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