Sunday, 22 February 2015

God Has Been Found

Soldiers from the Royal Irish Regiment  were trekking through Binevenagh forest near Magilligan Strand praying to god that their training exercise would end as it was balls freezing and then god appeared to them.

The stolen statue of sea god Manannán Mac Lir appeared and said, "take me home where it is nice and warm."

The statue had been removed by Christian radicals who used an angle grinder and left a cross in its place. By the damage done to the statue they obviously tried to decapitate Manannán Mac Lir the way that those religious fanatical types do.

Pagans have demanded that this be investigated as a hate crime. 

While many say they find the Christian god in prison, it says a lot that a Pagan god was found in nature. I know who I'd trust more.

Sculptor John Sutton, who has worked on the Game of Thrones television series said, "shit! I had already started to make the replacement with fricking lasers beams on his head."

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