Thursday, 19 February 2015

Does The News Really Have To Be True?

Brian Williams the NBC anchor has been accused of lying about events that he said took place in 2003 when he was covering the Iraq war.

He said that the Chinook helicopter he was traveling in was stuck by a rocket from an RPG and forced to land. A nice little story to tell and tell it he did. To Letterman, Larry King and on Alec Baldwin's radio show all the while the crew of the Chinook that took the hit screamed at their TV's and tried to tell people but no one cared.

Looking rugged, helmets ruin hair and only pussies wear them. 

Eventually someone listened and called Williams on his account of events and he has issued an apology saying he he some how managed to mix up the helicopters in his memory.

A Chinook is big and noisy, you don't really have much idea of what is going on if you are in the rear, his pilot says that did take a few small arms hits but that Chinook had to land because of an up and coming storm and the Chinook that was in front of them was the one hit by an RPG and that had to sit and get repaired in the desert.

At the time Joseph Miller, the flight engineer on the Chinook that was dooned called Williams an idiot when he babbled that it was like something out of Saving private Ryan. He says that Williams kept away from him after that.

Williams was out in the desert of 3 days and over the years has constantly celebrated a sergeant he met there who was responsible for keeping them safe while on the ground. Sgt. Major Tim Terpack served for over 23 years and was from the same town as Williams, so they had kept in touch and maybe Terpack didn't call him names.

Other stories are now being looked at, did a body really float past his hotel window during hurricane Katrina? The staff didn't see any floaters. Did the Asian tsunami of 2004 even happen? Did he double dip his nacho into the cheese dip? The late Ernest Borgnine went to his grave saying he did, does the world owe poor Ernie an apology?

While he claims to have been there the night the Berlin wall came doon he actually was there the day after.  David Hasselhoff was the only good looking tanned American kicking that wall doon as he lead East Germany to freedom. 

Did his daughter really get her ass eaten on the TV show Gurls or was there protective padding as they claimed? Who to believe?

Now we want to know if SEAL team 6 who may or may not have shot Bin Laden really did send Williams a piece of helicopter wreckage because they are all buds .... who really cares? Some say it doesn't sound like something SEAL's would do but then neither do books bragging about yer exploits.

He seems like a dull kinda guy, maybe he got tired of just watching and reporting on the news and wanted to be a part of it. Memories can be dodgy, things that happen are often not straight forward or yer only getting a bit of what is happening.

Old Knudsen has moved home and cuntries countless times, he often plans to get something he had in the US sitting on a shelf to use in the UK, when he goes to get it he realises, 'shit, wrong life.' How many times has he threatened to shoot some one, only to look under the bed and not find his lovely Enfield rifle sitting in its case?  ..... at least 3 - 4 times.   

 Beating someone to death with half a brick is not the same as blowing their hed off. 

Williams has apologized and probably hopes the world will forget and move on as he likes his well paying job. Will NBC have him back or has the shine of truth and integrity been tarnished too much? Many news stories are slanted and full of bias, who ever thought that Williams would be the only 'popular' reporter that told the absolute truth?

He has been suspended without pay for 6 months to get this mess sorted out, during that time we'll see Williams grow a beard and reinvent himself as a wiser, older man. If NBC don't take him back then he can go to Fox news, where the truth goes to die.   

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