Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dinosaurs Are Fake

  But she believes the Bible.

Christians Against Dinosaurs is a group of at least one person maybe named 'Kristian' she mutters her name and she wants to tell you that dinosaurs are fake and that we've been fed on lies our whole lives .... well I feel let doon. The Bible is still real right?

She told the story about how her sister bought her son a toy dinosaur at Christmas to which she then disowned her, and burned the toy much to the delight of her brainwashed kids who believe that dinosaurs are evil ..... God and good sense 1 ..... Evil aunt nil.

To investigate more I looked at the few Youtubes she has up, one stating that dinosaurs obviously couldn't have possibly flown because if you put a leather jacket over a kite it falls to the ground.

Well she got us there. You can put aluminum onto a kite also which will not fly thus exposing the myth known as air travel .... Aliens put you into a trance and implant fake plane travel memories into yer head all the while probing you cos that is what they like to do.

On Mumsnet which I believe is like Darknet except mind mumbingly dull she urged her fellow mums to get dinosaurs taken off their school curriculum, claiming the lessons would cause children to become "bestially minded" and bite each other. Like they need an excuse to do that.

Speaking of biting why yes she does have a great set of knockers, Old Knudsen was almost converted. She explained how fossils were not actually bone but mineral deposits in the shape of bones .... All this talk about bones.

She brought out the props which was a tub of hardened speckle. She dumped it on the table and said here, put it back together. Paleontologists worried about their job would obviously put the fossils back together in the shape of a bone. You see? Big money Paleontology perpetrates the dinosaur myth to keep you spending money  ...... It's sooo obvious.

Brachiosaurus which was 23 ton dinosaur had a head the size of ours, only incisors and no molars ....  It would have to eat 1000 LBS everyday, with a small mouth, NOT POSSIBLE!!!! She says.

You should watch the porn Old Knudsen watches, a small mouth is not a handicap to many. Not going into real facts since I doubt she believes in them, that big beasty had 52 spoonshaped teeth that stripped branches and it swallowed vegetation whole ... if it existed.

Why are there no giant animals like that around these days? she asks. Well there was but we had to call in the airstrikes on that island, remember? They nearly ate Jeff Goldblum.   

If you don't understand/believe in evolution then you'll never understand the answer. The animals who adapt to their environment are the ones who lived. When the Ice age hit there were less plants to eat so it was the smaller animals with a more varied diet that ate less which were the ones who survived. Is the Blue Whale not big enough for you? African elephants are very small either.

Just when you think that there is hope for humanity the Christians in America try to use their brains. Not even a pretty face and big jiggly baps could make me believe the utter shite that this lass is spewing .... big money paleontology??? Let me guess, it's run by the Jews.... This lass has reproduced!

I'm sure Noah and the Ark makes total sense to her cos that's magical shit.  

No one goes into paleontology to make money unless it's the fossil fuel branch of it. No more theories lass, just sit there and bounce a bit.   

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