Saturday, 14 February 2015

David Cameron Hates You

David Cameron has announced that people with treatable illnesses like obesity, drink and drug addiction will have to go get help rather than continue to remain on welfare, sickness benefits.

I've noticed the recent foreplay in the media with this, loads of stories about how someone is too fat to work and have a piss poor attitude to boot. Shaming the fatties is a tricky line to walk but to lump them in with druggies and alcoholics makes it better.

I don't really think this is right, when was the last time someone went crazy on a KFC bargain bucket and knifed someone? Drunks and tweakers ARE different from fat fucks and this would be yet another political scapegoat ploy to appear tough like Ukip are.

I liked the hospital visit in which Clegg and Cameron were meeting patients with their sleeves rolled up and their ties off then a consultant told them to get out, that was priceless. What's next, meeting the families of soldiers that have died in the pointless Afghanistan and Iraq wars? You can't shit on people and expect them to thank you for it .... Unless yer in a E. L. James book. 'Her inner goddess screamed in delight as he dropped his hot lunch on to her chest, she bit her lip yet again which aggravated her cold sore.'    

When these fatties, drunks and tweakers go for help who will help them? Is money being injected into the struggling NHS to cope with this? Will there be more staff employed? Will more services be made available?

According to Cameron the nurses don't deserve a pay rise for the overworked and stressful conditions they endure so the fatties, tweakers and drunks have joined them on Cameron's list of moochers.

Food, drink and drug addiction is treatable however the UK spends as much on gastric band operations as it does on its space program. These conditions need more than expensive surgeries because getting wasted or eating for comfort is only a part of the problem, the problem/reason for what they do is usually deeper and psychological.

Psychology departments have long waiting lists and limited resources, these people won't get help and if they do it will be in 6 months time if that. Benefits won't be getting cut any time soon but now we have shamed and demonized yet more of the population and added to their psychological problems, no doubt enough for them to indulge in a little self loathing and shame at the bottom of a bottle as yet more people judge them, or in a syringe or KFC here we come.

David Cameron hates poor people. He wants them off Welfare and into jobs that aren't there, why not train people for employment as the cut off for the majority of training programs is 25 years-old? It's easier to blame and say what is wrong and who is to blame than actually fixing it .... Well done Dave, we hate you too. 



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