Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Daesh Will Lose But Only When We Are Done With Them

A Daesh boy band video.

ISIL aka ISIS aka IS aka Goatfuckers now called Daesh are still banging away at it. I haven't posted about them for a while cos it gets boring. The last I heard was the Kurds were kicking arse and Daesh burned a captured Jordanian pilot to death which really annoyed the Jordanians who up until now have been kinda take it of leave it.... Turkey is still apathetic as fuck but that's cos they are chicken shit. 

Daesh is an acronym based on an Arabic version of their name al-Dawla al-Islamyia fil Iraq wa’al Sham ... al shake'n'vac and ISIS really don't like it. The state department have said they'll use Daesh and John Kerry said Daesh 16 times in a speech. France and Australia are also favouring this name as it takes away the implication that what they are doing has anything to do with Islam.

If it annoys them then Daesh, Daesh, Daesh, Daesh, Daesh, Daesh, Daesh. I'm naming my dog Daesh so I can kick it and shout, "bad Daesh!"  

Daesh are pretty good at their PR, they want to instil terror and at the same time recruit others to join them. The constant beheadings separates them as human and is designed to keep their people in order and give fear to the enemy. We saw an escalation with the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive in a cage. Where you outraged and assured of their bad ass-ness? Then they did their job.

They think of the worse possible ways to kill people that we in the west see as barbaric. They don't care about ransom or the fact that the person was a journalist or aid worker, they only see the nationality that they use as a tool. 

The Kurds are the ones who have inflicted the worse defeats and set backs for Daesh, not the US or anyone else, it's the Kurds. While the Kurds can be fanatical too they have shown and proven themselves to be brave warriors who don't need to behead or oppress anyone. In my opinion being burned alive is probably worse than beheading and so the worse fate goes to the greatest enemies of Daesh.

The latest worry for the Pentagon is the Daesh control of the town of Al-Baghdadi, it is only 9 miles away from an airbase that holds 300 Marines advisers. I'd be more concerned for Daesh as Marines don't take shit.

The US have been steadily putting US "advisers" on the ground to fight Daesh but now Obama wants more .... it's always more with that fella. Bush does drone strikes, Obama triples them, Bush wants to spy on his own people, Obama makes it happen, the PRISM program gets companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft to hand over customer info and they even threatened Yahoo with fines if they did not do the same as well as the micro chips you get implanted when you sign on for Obamacare.

What the people are talking about now is Obama's comedy Buzzfeed video promoting Obamacare (David Cameron didn't even know what Buzzfeed was ... unreal) not why Obama is asking congress for new military powers against Daesh.

What Obama wants is the power to use military force any where in the world and only at the President's discretion. Sure they named Daesh as the enemy but included any other force too.  

This disturbs me on so many levels. It bypasses congress as Presidents often do but without the hassle and bitching. It lets the President go to anywhere and do anything .... that is too much power to be left to one man, that is why there is a congress in the first place.

Obama has a year left in office, who does he still want to kill? Oh yeah, that little conflict in Ukraine that is more important than Daesh or Assad to this administration but gets less air time. Ukraine has the ability to shape the world or destroy it far more than Daesh has. Assad losing power would benefit the US actions against Russia as Syria is a Russian ally but what happens in Ukraine is far more important. 

The power that Obama wants will also benefit the next President too as it has a 3 year limit, does that mean they have already decided who the next preez will be? .... Of course not, I'm sure yer vote really does matter because you are such an important individual.

This resolution does not call for ground forces to be used or another war .... those were his words but he left out the 'yet' part. He also said it was primarily to be used against Daesh but that doesn't mean it can't be used against others and he wants it to cover the training of moderate Islamic fighters in Syria.
In 2012 the CIA trained Daesh fighters to fight in Syria. 

Like they know or care who they are training in Syria as long as Assad gets brought doon. Moderate Islamic fighters, even the name is ridiculous, if you pick up a gun to kill others then there is nothing 'moderate' about you. 

If congress grants this power then an extension or expansion of these powers would be easier to get once it has gone through. He says he doesn't want to keep America on a constant war footing and yet he keeps opening up more fronts to kill US and coalition troops on.

Keep yer head in the sand if you want, I'm sure he'll have another comedy video out soon.    

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