Sunday, 18 January 2015

Vampires On Mars

Satellite images from the HiRise camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found the Beagle 2, a British Mars probe that landed on Mars on Christmas Day 2003. No radio signal was received confirming touchdown so they thought it had burned up on entry.

The British-built space probe was deemed a failure but now those who worked on it can see that it got further than they had thought .... still didn't work though, blame British slackness and too many tea breaks on that one.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which disappeared on Earth has still not been located. When Stephen Hawking suggested that it flew into a wormhole he was laughed at, he then quickly blamed his A. I. computer for putting words into his speaker. 

The Mars Rover recently found what looks like a coffin on the Mar's surface. NASA have not ruled out the possibility that Martian vampires maybe be messing with our probes.

The next Mars Rover will not only be fitted with a space shotgun but also with wooden space stakes in case we actually do find life .... or the undead.

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