Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Road To Recovery Ist Kaputt

Remember when the semi-fascist and mostly anti-immigrant Ukip political party used an Irish actor in their poster? .... oh how we laughed at the incompetent blighters.

Well the Tory party have come under fire for their road to recovery poster. It isn't just the questionable facts that they claim at the bottom but rather, the British road itself.

Here is the road without its patriotic photoshop. This British road can be found near the town of Weimar .... is that near Sussex? Why no it isn't, it's in central Germany.

Taken by German photographer Alexander Burzik six years ago. Yes Germany has done economically well and I've always called the English "German lite" so what is the problem?

Due to austerity measures this is probably the only road the Tories have actually resurfaced over the past few years. If only they put as much effort into the cuntry as they do their photoshopping.

The German Republic's constitution was drafted in Weimar and it has always been a hot spot for German culture. Some of the earliest concentration camps popped up around it in the early 30's. In 1937 the Nazis built Buchenwald concentration camp a mere 8 km's from Weimar which supplied slave labour for the area.

So yes, maybe this is a suitable British road for the economic recovery of the UK .... according to the Tories. Lets stay on that road ... in Germany cos they are doing far better then us.

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