Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Pope Is Fab!

Old Knudsen is sick to death of hearing how good the Pope is so he looked back on all the good things he's done to see if there was even the slightest chance that Pope Francis wasn't the same entitled misogynist homophobe like all the rest and that somehow Old Knudsen could be wrong about him.
Old Knudsen wrong, even he chuckles at the thought of that one.

He is sooo humble that he doesn't ride about in a Pope mobile, he uses a 20 year-old Renault .... except when he's riding around in his Pope mobile of course. You will see him in lesser cars when he travels around the world.
Believes in God, stands behind bullet proof glass.  

Instead of sitting on a golden throne he cast it aside and got a plainer chair .... don't recall the old one being up for auction, must just be in storage. His plain chair would still cost you $500 so don't kid yerself that he's roughing it.

Of course the Pope has many, many chairs. Is this really something that makes him good? He won't wear the red Gucci loafers that the Pope wears and prefers his black ones instead. Maybe he doesn't like red shoes, a little too 'friend of Dorothy' maybe. Does that make him a better person? 

He did auction off his Harley Davidson for $327,000 to help a homeless charity in Rome. Did he ever ride it? Nah he just signed it, what does the Pope need a Harley Davidson for anyways? Harley Davidson gave it to him to auction for charity so well done Harley Davidson, you look good, the Pope looks good and a hostel, soup kitchen benefited. A great PR stunt all round.

When a young child jumped up onto the stage the Pope just let him be and even let him sit in his chair. (not one of the nice ones though) He has washed the feet of some prison inmates and kisses the sick, even if they have big warty warts.

Many abusers can appear to be kind, caring people in public which is one way they control their victims cos who is going to believe that they .... the nice bloke who loves kids could ever do something nasty? It's always their word against yers and the more they look good the more yer word doesn't mean shit until they are caught red handed. Often it takes that much for someone to even entertain the fact that they may not be what they seem. 

After many years of staying silent during the child abuse scandals what is he going to do, yell at a kid in public?  
Yet more great PR stunts designed to make his image more kinder. He doesn't do this shit without 50 cameras nearby.
There have been reports about how he sneaks out and feeds the poor at night .... aye right, where are the selfies, even Hobos have camera phones these days. Does he also dress as a bat and fights crime too?

It has been reported that he phones the odd person from the thousands of letters he gets a day, we usually hear about it when it's on the news. He never answers my e-mails.

This Pope seems quite image conscious and even has a Twitter account. I seriously doubts he takes selfies of himself post workout to show his abs. 'just pumped some extra iron for the poor'

He has said that if someone is ghey then who is he to judge?  ..... He is still very anti-ghey marriage so I guess he doesn't mind judging.
He has said that there should be a better redistribution of wealth to the poor. While he isn't opening the Vatican's vast wealth resources to help the poor he did give away Vatican staff bonus' .... that's very nice of him, I bet he is loved by all the staff.

He has complained about Vatican bitching and office politics, he has voiced support for the rain forest, he has condemned war, he has said that Christians and Muslims should be friends, he put in a good word with Cuba and to help the US ease off it's sanctions, he has said that atheists can be good people, he has said that science and the church need not be at opposites as God obviously used science, he said breastfeeding in public is fine, he has complained the church gets too wrapped up with ghey marriage and contraception ...

I guess he word rather not have to deal with those two issues anymore than he has to as they make him look just like all the others. Aye just ignore them and continue on how we have been, no equality as that would diminish the power of Rome .

     Showing that kissing young children all over is holy and ok.

So then, what has he done to get the admiration of so many? He hid of some bling, may have made some phone calls and has talked a lot. 

I must admit that his PR stunts are even better than Pope John Paul II and he was loved greatly even though all his priests were active pedophiles. 

Pope Francis hasn't changed anything, the Vatican is still a male bastion of power, a cult that dictates the lives of millions and teaches its followers to judge and condemn women who want freedom to choose for themselves and men and women who do not fit in to the Bible's view of sexual relations. 

He has suggested many things and the media runs with it. Just recently he said something to a boy who was grieving the loss of his dog and then before you know it the headlines were, 'Pope said pets go to Heaven' .... he actually said was, 'suck it up ya little pussy and just get a new dog' ... I'm paraphrasing here before the Catholic church sends me any more letters telling me to remove posts or Blogger will do it for me.  

I never removed them by the way, I just moved them and changed the titles .... don't tell. 

Femen trying to save lil baby Jesus from the cult of molesters.

So Pope Benny was the stick and Pope Francis is the carrot. If you can't see this then not only are you a shite judge of character but you let emotion cloud yer reasoning powers. 

No abortion, no contraception, no gender equality and no gheys getting hitched or ordained cos God hates fags. That is what the Pope stands for and has always stood for but now he smiles and nuzzles yer neck while he's doing it. 
He'd let a rapist into the church before he would a divorcee.  

Sorry, not enough to say that Pope Francis is good, great or different, just talk and PR stunts. When fags are welcomed into the church and animals have souls then we can talk but until then, his talk is cheap.  

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