Monday, 12 January 2015

The Angry God Of Love

God .... the Christian God with the capital G is real. Yes the white dude with the white hair and the long beard exists.
How does Old Knudsen know this? Cos Old Knudsen is fucking smart that's how. God made us in his image and white males are fucking awesome. 43 and a half US Presidents were white males and all the Prime Ministers of the UK have been white males .... yes even Maggie Thatcher and the Jewish one.

 Pride cums before a fall ... so does gravity.

It's a man's world, a white man's world. Do un-white people and white liberals take offense at that? Do you think Old Knudsen cares? The truth is the truth, even if you can't handle it. It's also a matter of perspective in many situations and may not be pleasant or feel good.
Statistically speaking if you don't agree with Old Knudsen then yer 99.9% likely to be wrong. I don't just make this shit up you know, well sometimes I don't but yer still wrong. The other .1% is for the different layers that are contained within my posts that might be misinterpreted.

The power of intent! Motivation and a positive can do attitude can make shit happen, usually because you get off yer arse and go and do it.
All those hours of praying and sending thoughts out there trying to visualise things to happen and become real actually do make things happen. They can nudge others in the right direction and make them think it was their own idea.

The old expression Careful what you wish for is something that many don't take heed in, their little brains and capacity for understanding has just their one prayer and wish in mind, not the ramifications of what will happen if their wish is granted.

 Jesus is losing his religion thanks to his cuntish dad. 

Atheists will shake their smug know it all heads as they continue to say there is no God and yet fill every waking hour arguing about God .... aye how is that working out for you?

The reason why we brainwash children to believe in this shit is because they have the power to believe more strongly and if done right and they don't question things too much they turn into an adult who still believes no matter what the truth or logic says. 

Man created God, not the other way round. In their need to make sense of the world the ancient people shrugged and said, "must be aliens" but since they didn't know about other planets or space travel it turned out to be a big white dude with magic powers so what they really said was, "must be God" ... same thing really except the chances of aliens existing is far higher than God actually being up in the clouds.
They said the Gods lived on Mount Olympus, luckily they were too lazy to go up and see.  

This is a fact!

People are stupid. In courts you have a jury of 12 peers and most do not agree no matter what the facts say. Their different experiences in life and how they perceive the world brings them to different conclusions.
Some people will buy into the current or trendy news stories about how we should hate Muslims and others will say, hold on, I know a nice Muslim who wouldn't blow anything up, why should we hate Muslims, why not just the evil fucker terrorists who happen to be Muslim?

Some will buy into Pope Francis being a good guy while others will look at his homophobic actions and past record before he was Pope and realise that he has done fuck all, just talked a lot. Then you have the people with no opinions because thinking is difficult.

   No taxation without representation or pay day loans. 
A book full of rules, laws and antidotes should be helpful right? well not if various people put it together, then it turns out to be contradictory and misleading and open to interpretation, especially if it has to be translated .  Hard to be literal when it may or may not be an analogy or may be based on events such as what the bloody Romans did 2,000 years ago that we don't know about. Why ride into town on an ass in that town on that day? Why say Jesus is a demigod yet go on about his paternal linage from King David? .... so many prophecies to ensure that every box is ticked so obviously this has to be accepted as gospel truth.

Having a saying that it's the gospel truth seems to me like a form of brainwashing as does referring to the Bible as the good book or the good news. All from the 1600's and now deeply rooted in our psyche.

So you have Millions of people claiming to know the will of God ... This God is very one dimensional and straight foreword, much like those on Jihad who have suspended their cognitive complexity in order to oppress others or do something that they know is morally wrong on a subconscious level.

You have a million people here saying that God hates fags and how they shouldn't marry or raise children, you have a million here that says their branch is the only real one to be in to be saved and a million here saying the same about theirs, you have a million saying life is scared but treat the living like shit, you have a million here saying God is love etc etc. Some of these people over lap such as the rabid Protestants of Northern Ireland standing with their ancient enemy the Catholic church on limiting the reproductive rights of women .... as well as not liking the gheys. Similar teachings on how weemen should be oppressed can be found in Judaism and Islam, lucky for childhood brainwashing because if women stopped and questioned they'd never believe .... total mugs.

I guess they must agree that men are superior, cheers love, a chicken sandwich please, turkey makes me fart.    

All this intent creates millions upon millions of personal Gods, little facets of the big kahuna up in the clouds. So God is a confused and conflicted, given to bouts of extreme rage but the odd seldom act of compassion .... if it's trendy or if you actually had studied for that test. 
The more angry his followers the less he cares. He is not omnipotent and wise because those who create him on a daily basis are not omnipotent and wise.

Even other religions with all their wise expressions are often to be found to be full of hate and violence and will manipulate their followers and dictate what they can and can't do.  Smile, kiss babies and look holy these are not these droids you are after.

The more you look into it the more you can see that the divine is as divine as the people make it. Why would an all powerful god worry about where you put yer dick, nothing better to do? Why would the almighty be so insecure that he demands you mutilate a babies cock in his name? Would God be concerned about any picture of his prophet being shown? .... No one is that camera shy.

Of course birth control is sinful, make more babies so we can out breed the sinners and give us plenty of fondling fodder.

For a being so old, wise and powerful he seems very limited to me .... like how humans are so limited.
In 2,000 years will people be worshiping Superman? What about the Hulk ... or Thor? ... lol! 

God is real because the energy in our thoughts make it so, as is good and evil for the same reasons. It's a shame that people tend to believe in the evil more strongly than they do the good. The older gods are still there but with their power lessened. A person who doesn't know every thing can't have an all knowing god. 

Why does shit happen? .... remember when I said be careful of what you wish for? If you have millions of other people wishing and even working psychically to make those wishes and prayers come true then the ramifications and consequences of all those unknown factors that our limited understanding has no way of knowing about, ripple out and touch the lives of others with billions upon billions of connections going around and around the world, never stopping.

We enlightened folk call it the big picture. 

It doesn't matter that you are a good person, bad things can happen to good people, it isn't a test of your faith, God doesn't care, he just wants yer blind obedience so he can exist.

The real God is something we can't even comprehend and it does it a disservice to even try. To know it's will is to know everything at once ... bends yer shite huh. To the universe we are like the mites on our eyelashes .

So yer religion is a great comfort to you .... well bully for you, yer helping the shitting on of someone else by yer tacit compliance .... beats the truth, who gets comfort from the truth?     

There is comfort to be had but not from the word of someone vague thousands of years ago, the comfort is in your heart right now and how willing you are to be good without the need of any threat of punishment. Some times we fail and fall but we need to try.

Understand the big picture more and how you were never the one at fault like how every said, not always anyway. It isn't all about you. Comfort doesn't come from knowing you are with the in crowd when you are dead, it comes from forgiving yourself, learning and evolving and not being a dick right now in this life in the present.  You'll be old and full of regrets that you didn't pull yer finger out soon enough and those years which are right now will be lost.   Aim a little lower people.



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