Thursday, 15 January 2015

Say Bigotry With Flowers

Baronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Washington state is involved in a court case similar to Ashers bakery. She refuses to sell flowers for a ghey wedding.

Her religious beliefs have caused her to discriminate against a pair of fudge packers. In a Youtube video with tinkly piano music she describes how artists pour themselves into their work as she does, her work is a part of her.

She sits and opens letters of support from gog botherers all over the world and says how she has known Robert Ingersoll, one of the ghey couple for years, he's bought flowers from her and she loves him .... she just won't do flowers for his wedding.

Jesus H Christ who lived with 12 dudes and never married was against ghey marriage it seems which is why Stutzman is taking her stance. Now she may lose her business of 40 years due to the court case and the lawsuits.

This is yet another case of  'I'm not a homophobe .... but' just like how the KKK, Ukip, Britain First all say how they aren't racist but the blacks and the bloody immigrants are the problem. I'm not a racist, I just tacitly support them. 

The customer is king, what happened to customer service? It's just a fucking flower shop, just like how Asher is just a fucking bakery ..... make the flowers, make the cake, you aren't artists, yer arseholes!

Love thy neighbour, treat others as you'd have them treat you .... that's real Christian shit there, any discrimination is the Christianity that promotes elitism and pedophilia. See those radical Muslims shooting cartoonists? .... That's you that is, just a different flavour.

I hope that her being a cunt over this is worth losing her business, it isn't about freedom of expression it's about discrimination so don't try to convince people that it's YOU who is the victim here. Suffer for yer beliefs, it'll make a better person of you .... no it probably won't as some people are just naturally arseholes and can never learn or grow.

Imagine Ingersoll mincing around with his feather boa, buying flowers, chatting and hugging Stutzman cos according to her 'feel sorry for me' Youtube, she is a lovely person who hugs everyone. Ingersoll wanted Baronelle to do the flowers for his wedding to Curt Freed because he likes her work and considers her a nice person .... then he finds out what she really thinks of him.

'I'm sorry Bob but while I've enjoyed the money you've spent here, you aren't good enough for a wedding because of your lifestyle..... enjoy Hell ... lol!' 

 I hope she does lose her business and that Robert and Curt buy a nice pair of shoes from it. Why should they have go to another florist? Lets bring back the No Irish signs while were at it.

If you are going to discriminate for bigoted reasons then expect a backlash from sane reasonable people, just the same if you print pictures that incite crazed radicals to violence then expect some of that too. 
Freedom comes at a price.  

America isn't just for white Christian people, it's a country based on immigrants where religious persecution shouldn't exist cos that's what the Pilgrim fathers ran from .... sure they went on to oppress the injuns but that's besides the point.

 Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside.

A shooting range in Arkansas says it's a no Muslim zone, Kate Murphy says it's for safety .... what about vets with PTSD? Chris Kyle the American sniper was shot by a white veteran with PTSD.

I doubt Arkansas has a big problem with Muslims going to shooting ranges, I'd worry more about the unstable inbred red neck.
Murphy turned away a father and son couple because she suspected them of being Muslim even though they told her they were Hindu. So she refused service because they were brown and because she is a dumb bigot.

Murphy, a fine Irish name, you'll find that when people are discriminated against won't learn from it, they'll do it to others as soon as they have a say or even a tiny bit of power.

You'd think the Pilgrim fathers would have learned a lesson, you'd think the Jews in Israel would have learned from the Holocaust or the blacks in the US who helped uphold the west coast vote against ghey marriage ... did they learn from a life of discrimination? 

The Irish are no longer discriminated against in the US, times have changed and now they are loved in the US, now they can discriminate against brown people. You do know that white people can be Muslim right? I bet they think a Sikh is a Muslim.

Them damn  Mexicans are all in Al Qaeda ya know.

When white people are no longer at each other's throats they then look towards the foreigners, there is always someone to be against. 

Discriminating and refusing service is not something a business that serves the public should do nor be allowed to do, what's next back to segregation?    

I hope these people get sued and that the ACLU takes an interest. Discrimination is a step backwards. If yer religion causes you to discriminate then yer doing it wrong. If having guns still doesn't make you feel safe that you have to discriminate then yer doing it wrong.

A radicalized Catholic.  

Learn from Old Knudsen, he remembers and sees the big picture. The Troubles in Northern Ireland wasn't really about religion but since religion is such a good excuse to hate then so be it. It may have been about religion centuries ago when the English monarchs sent in Protestant settlers to Ireland to lessen the power of the Vatican but now you won't find any of the terrorist scumbags in a church come Sunday. Protestant and Catholic are just like what football team you support and if you don't fit into either side then you'll be assigned a side.

A soldier kills a civilian so all soldiers/Brits/Protestants are scum. The IRA kill civilians, police and soldiers and so the IRA and all Catholics are scum.

You go decades thinking how the other side and the people connected to that side are the enemy, it becomes a knee jerk reaction.

I see the same thing with the Jews and the Palestinians also with radicalised Islamists. Believe it or not but not everyone from those sides are rabid hate spouting murderers.  

The IRA killed many of their own people (Catholics) and the Protestant paramilitaries killed many of their own (Protestants) too. Just like how the main victims for Al Qaeda or ISIS are Muslim .... just normal people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To say that Islam is a religion of evil is to say that Christianity is too as they both share the same ideas.
If you want to deal in Fox news/Bill Maher broad strokes then also say that all men are rapists as it is males who do the overwhelming majority of rapes, all Christians are pedos since that is what you always hear about in the news and anyone who claims foodstamps is a work shy loafer who could get a job no problem.

You can't say that because the Quran teaches 'death to the infidel'  then all Muslims must want it, that's like saying if you own a gun yer probably likely to shoot up a school because you have a gun. A book or any other inanimate object does not make you do bad shit .... you decide that yerself.

Some people can think for themselves and know the difference between right and wrong. Not everyone is a killer and some people even have respect and consideration towards others... imagine that. 

As I keep saying, "Don't hate people for what they are, hate them for the bad shit they do"


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